1994 Opel Astra wagon 1.6 from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Surprised by the car



Light bulbs ;o)

General Comments:

Bought this car only to go camping and thought to sell it after that.

Very good, comfortable and reliable car.

So far I had zero problems with it. Drives nice, very good fuel consumption on open road 100km - 5.6 to 7 liters depending how I drive not that good in city around 9 to 10 liters.

Very spacious (it's station wagon ;o), comfortable and with relatively good power. After really long trips I'm not too tired but I think seats are a bit hard for my taste.

1.6 ecotec engine surprised me. I thought that because the car is heavy 1.6 won't be good for overtaking but I was wrong. On highway top speed I had is 180 km but fuel consumption is terrible.

Only big minus for the car is lack of aircondition.

Overall I am so so pleased with this car that I decided to by new Opel Vectra.

(when I say I'm pleased with the car it is understatement. I'm delighted, car never ever had even one problem. Just sit and drive)

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Review Date: 14th December, 2008

1994 Opel Astra F 1.4 from Sri Lanka


Good Value for Money Car


The air condition had to be redone.

The brake pads and liners had to be replaced.

Reverse light switch and hazard switch was broken. The replaced new hazard switch is not properly working again (after 1.5 years)

The door pins needed replacement.

The starter motor had to be repaired.

Because the crank pulley nut has somehow come loose there was damage to a cogwheel.

Shocks life time is nearing.

General Comments:

This is a very hardy car (compared to my previous Japanese) and feels very safe when driving. It took some time to adjust to its 'hard built' (all aspects of it the gear, the steering, the clutch etc are not soft to the touch).

The car is slow to pick up - mainly I think this is because of its smaller engine size compared to its hefty body. Though I was skeptic about its performance in the hill country because of its slow nature in the pickup - I had no issues at all climbing very steep hills with the AC on.

Good handling.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2008

1994 Opel Astra Sportive Stationwagon 1.8 16v Eco-Tec from Norway


The hard accelerator


The central locking doesn't work.

The water pump went bad (happens to many Astra cars I was told).


General Comments:

When I first bought the car it was totally original, even though the car was fun to drive. And the thing that surprised me, was the performance. The acceleration was very nice. I kept testing against a few cars. And they seldom beat me.

But the car began to get boring, so I went to the auto parts dealer. And there I bought Koni adjustable suspension (since one of them was totally wrecked from before). And I bought Jamex lowered sportsprings. And in the evening me and a friend fitted it on the car. The day after the car was stiff and a bit loud. But a much more fun car to drive. But one thing was missing, wheels. And the same shop sold me complete set of 17" with new GoodYear F1 tires. And then the REAL fun started. I tried a 94' VW Passat VR6 a couple of days ago, that was a boring car.

This is a very good fun car for not too high costs.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2001

1994 Opel Astra GL 1.7 turbo diesel from Belgium


- Bad tuning motor lead to pressure and starting problems after 30.000 km.

- Dynamo had to be repaired 4 times.

- Inside mirror fell off.

- Switch for warning lights could not be turned off.

- Motor gets overheated pulling a caravan over mountains.

- Small rust problems.

- Several leakages.

General Comments:

Positive :

- accelerating well with acceptable fuel consumption.

- rather silent.

Negative :

- Poor reliability (in 150.000 km, it let me down more than 5 times (compare to Mazda 626 that made me walk once (battery) in 200.000)

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Review Date: 31st January, 1999