1995 Opel Astra GL 1.6i ECOTEC from Malaysia


Still in between


The timing tensioner bottomed out.

Then the car wouldn't start in the morning and cost me a month's wages to get it repaired.

The air-conditioning couldn't take our tropical climate and was replaced with a tropicalised unit.

The change from 1st gear to 2nd is jerky to say the least. I think the clutch is gone.

There is a funny sound from the engine bay, but neither me nor my mechanic can find out what it is.

The spare parts prices are absolutely horrible because we have to import them from Europe.

The previous owner got the fuel tank dented. This has left me with less than half a tankful of petrol space every time I fill up. And then there is the spare parts again... I tried going to the junkyard, but came back with 4 different types of petrol tank for this Astra model, and none fit!!

Alternator gave way and was changed with a reconditioned unit.

Oil pump gave way after about 6 months from new... the previous owner told me this after I managed to track him down.

The list goes on...

General Comments:

Actually, the reason I got this car was due to its sturdy feel and relatively low cost. I wish now that I'd been more careful about the choice.

One of the catalysts to my decision to buy this car was after reviewing some of the glorious praises heaped upon this poor man's BMW. What I forgot was that BMW'S are an expensive lot to maintain on the road.

But the good points of this car really puts our local and Japenese cars to shame in terms of sturdiness and comfort.

I'm quite irritated with this misconception about German reliability too.

Anyway, if anyone can help me to get the car on the right track, please e-mail me at kenilim@hotmail.com

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Review Date: 5th February, 2002

11th Dec 2006, 05:18

This is the in between guy again, after 5 years with the car. I can't get rid of it cos no one will buy it, but the thing is, after all the $$$ spent on it, I have come to appreciate the strength, firmness and feel of an European car. If only the cost to maintain it wasn't so astronomical.. There is absolutely no car that I can think of that will give the secure feeling as well as good engine pickup (low peak torque). I just got a Hyundai Sonata, and altho it doesn't die on me in the mornings, I still miss the feel I have with my Astra. Oh yeah, my dad's driving it now. He likes it too, quirks and all... Wish Opel will make it's presence felt more stronger in Asia now. They are there in the North (Thailand) and South (Singapore) but all is quiet in Malaysia. We really have to take care of our cars ourselves. A great car without a home. So sad.

1995 Opel Astra GL 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Engine management fault.

Blanket interference on the radio.

Camshaft oil seal.

Paint peeled off wheel trims.

Thermostat failed twice.

Both rear brake cylinders leaked.

Contamination of the brake fluid by water.

Oil pump gasket failed twice.

Bottom timing pulley came loose and damaged crank shaft.

Battery failure.

Indicater switch failed.

Loud drumming noise which can not be found and baffles blown in rear silencer.

General Comments:

This is a Monday morning car. I have had several Opels before and they were excellent. The quality seems to have gone down since they started building them at the Vauxhall factories in England.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2000

14th Jun 2004, 22:23

I completely agree with the commentator. I own an Opel Astra 1.4GL since 1993. Eversince I had all sorts of problems that made me decide never to buy such a car again.

A. The water pump failed at 54.000km, 4,5 years after I bought the car (weird since water pumps usually fail much later than this).

B. The radiator failed massively at 74.000km, nearly causing damage to the engine gasket.

C. The cabin interior materials were extremely poor. The roof lining came off, five years after I bought the car, and I had to replace it.

D. Some trims deteriorated earlier than normal.

E. When it rains the central locking system fails.

F. Some lamps in the control console burned out.

G. The brake pump and rear pistons failed early in the car's life.

H. Now I have serious engine management problems.


22nd Feb 2009, 16:03

On my 2nd Astra, both 2nd hand.

My 1st, a 1994 1.3L 3dr, had been in a few knocks but otherwise sound.

The 2nd Astra a 1995, 1.4 GL was 10 years old but only had 48,000 miles on the clock, my dad had it from new.

The 1st car lacked a wee bit of service history, 86,000 miles on the clock. Within months the water pump was gone and shortly after the orange engine managements system light started to light up the night sky. The car would cut out in traffic and take a lot of attempts to restart. Turned out to be a micro-chip that controlled the low voltage/high voltage power source to the distributor, only €80 to fix and a lot of embarrassment in traffic jams. After about 97,000 miles the car felt like jelly tub on ice, and as much power as a sewing machine, the only thing for it was the scrap yard.

The 2nd car had been serviced as required every year or 10,000 by the same garage, and not the cheapest. I took over its care on its 10th birthday. For a 1.4L, it still had a lot of its power and felt solid. This car now, 14 years old and 62,000 miles on the clock, has continued its service history with varying garages, so better than others, and has only recently cost a few bob. Water pump and thermostat, tie rods on top of the full service, back running like a dream, yet again.

If you get a well serviced one, it will look after you, for its same comparable contemporary size it's a solid car with fair handling, but need to be serviced regularly, on older models, check water pump and HT power management switch.

1995 Opel Astra GL 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nothing in a period of just under 3 years!!! Except when a Peugeot 405 removed my front right wing two years ago.

General Comments:

The cars 1.4 engine is not as 'horsey' as most other similar sized cars I've driven. But running costs are excellent. If I have to travel and long distances (300 miles in a 24 hour period) I'll take my own car rather that a Jap company car because of comfort.

It feels very solid on the road. For the money it's probably as safe a car as you can get (this is not official). I can speak from experience! I was hit from the side at approx. 20mph and my car was repairable and road-worthy.

That only negative mark for Opel is their main dealers! The service is very unreliable. Promises are often broken and jobs ommited. It is advisable to quiz the service department after a full-sevice is carried out.

In short this car is an excellent buy.

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Review Date: 13th September, 1998

6th Nov 2004, 09:01

I agree with this review. the Astra is very reliable and also very cheap to run very good car, very hard car to beat.

12th Jul 2006, 08:18

This is a fantastic car in terms of fuel consumption. It also feels safer at higher speeds compared to other cars of the same capacity. It's very comfortable and the dashboard display is very good as it will tell you when the engine oil is low, your brake light or headlamp is not functioning, etc. It also shows you the fuel consumption as you drive!