1998 Opel Astra Euro 200iE 2.0 petrol from South Africa


The most car you can get for the money


Air conditioner compressor replaced under warranty at 80000km.

General Comments:

Most car you can get for this money. If it was a 1.6 or 1.8 I might have sold it by now, but the 2 litre engine gives it real character. Pulls from low low down, huge torque, and makes the car feel much bigger than it is.

Handling is average, the chassis is a bit wobbly and steering a bit slow, but grip levels are good. Lots of safe understeer if you overdo it.

Very comfortable, no major rattles or squeaks even after 125000 km. Gets a bit noisy at 130+ km/h, could use a 6th gear, more than enough power for it. Hits 200 fairly easily.

More than enough room, done several long trips with 4 people in car, and even loaded up, performance on the open road is lovely.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2005

3rd Jan 2007, 03:48

I agree. The car is a pleasure to drive. My father bought the 200iSE EURO and it now has 240K km and he still does not want to sell it.

I have the 200iE EURO with 124K km and the only problem I have is that my gearbox is very tight. It does not seem to catch the gears very smoothly - especially 3rd. I had the same stiffness on my 160iS Kadette, but not as bad as on the 200iE.

Are there any remedies? Is my problem unique?

18th Jan 2010, 19:04

Wow, I've had the same problem with my 160is. Certain days gears feel tight, but reliable and fast none the less. I'm only writing this cause I'm thinking of the 200ise as my next car. Gotta love it.

21st Apr 2012, 06:24

I have a 200 IE Euro. Had the motor redone, so oversized pistons, Vernier pulley, exhaust system.

The car runs like a dream. Fuel consumption is very good. I've done from Nelspruit to JHB in 1 hour and 30.

13th Jul 2013, 15:55

Hey, where did you take your car for the redo; I definitely need to do my car as well. I drive the 200iS euro 1998 model; I have bad oil leaking, bad vibration, my power steering oils leaks as well; in short, I need to take it for a redo. Please assist with details. You can send them to jason.pienaar3@gmail.com

Thank you.

1998 Opel Astra DI16v 2.0 turbo diesel from Malta


Totally unreliable car


ABS sensor went at 10000kms replaced under warranty.

Airflow sensor (engine) had to be replaced at 20000kms as well as the corresponding vacuum pump.

Power steering makes continuous electrical noise since day one. Replaced under warranty to no effect.

Various bits and pieces from cabin falling apart.

ABS and speedometer have now stopped working at 54000Kms.

General Comments:

Totally disappointed at the level of reliability of this cat. Would never recommend you by an Opel/Vauxhall.

Only excellent point is the ride of the car.

But never again.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2002

1998 Opel Astra Sport 2.0 16v from Finland


Good performance at a reasonable price


Main headlight electronics unit broke.

General Comments:

Good: Easy to use engine (its torgue area begins very low, about 2000 rpm).

Good: Enough power in normal use.

Good: Passing by acceleration.

Bad: Inside is very noisy at higher speeds.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2001

1998 Opel Astra Club 1.4 16v from Portugal


A nice 1.4 car with superior handling


A noise coming from the front wheels after 25000km.

General Comments:

Fantastic grip and steering for such a small car. Handles superbly.

1.4 engine comes alive from 3000 rpm up.

Some details have been improved since mine was a very first model (plastic interior door handles, radio, etc)

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Review Date: 16th March, 2001