Astra IE 200 Euro

This car is a poor man's mercedes!

45 words, South Africa, 1 comment

Astra CDX 2.0 16v

Great car, very underrated!

76 words, South Africa

Astra 16V Sport 1.6

The Opel Astra G is superb

75 words, UK and Ireland

Astra Elegance 2.0 DLI16V

Good, but could be better

52 words, Croatia

Astra 1.7TD

An average good car with some drawbacks though

144 words, Malta, 7 comments

Astra XL 1.4 petrol

A good workhorse

433 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

Astra Sport 1.8 16v

Great car, good speed

49 words, Netherlands, 1 comment

Astra 1.7 turbo diesel

Not great - wouldn't recommend them

120 words, UK and Ireland

Astra Sport 1.6 16V

Good looking car with low running costs

24 words, Finland