Astra Sport 2.0 DTi turbo diesel

Lively and economical hatchback!

222 words, Bulgaria

Astra 1.4

Well worth the money

28 words, UK and Ireland

Astra XE 'Edition 2000' 3-doors 1.4i 16v petrol

Fast, spacious car for a 1.4 hatchback

346 words, Belgium, 1 comment

Astra Sport 2.0 DTI (Y20DTH) turbo diesel

Average, economical car with good exterior and good handling!

212 words, Bulgaria

Astra Club 1.4 -16v

Good handling, comfortable, quiet and economical

158 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Astra Coupe Bertone 1.8

It's a beauty!

74 words, Netherlands, 1 comment

Astra CSE 1.8 X18XE1

Excellent value and reliability, but very spartan

171 words, South Africa

Astra 1.7 turbo diesel

I thought it was a high performance bargain

43 words, France

Astra Coupe 2.0 litre turbo

Fast nice car, but not too reliable

114 words, UK and Ireland

Astra Comfort 1.4 16v petrol

Good value for money

40 words, Hungary

Astra Elegance 1.4 petrol

Fast, sporty, roomy, well built, but disappointing suspension

85 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments