Calibra C20XE 16v

Despite its problems, I'll love it forever!

327 words, Cyprus

Calibra 16v 2.0 16v

Stunning good looking car! Although it might look cheap for under 4000€, it's not a cheap car!

243 words, Portugal, 2 comments

Calibra 2000i 16v

A car made by the hands of God

81 words, Portugal, 1 comment

Calibra 16V 4x4

Despite it's problems, I still love this car

40 words, Poland

Calibra 2.0l

A rare care for keep!

79 words, Norway

Calibra 16v 2.0i 16v C 20 XE

Not only show, but mega go!

76 words, Denmark

Calibra 16v 2.0i 16V C20XE

Chicks love it!!

108 words, Denmark

Calibra 2.0 i 16v petrol

49 words, France, 1 comment