2005 Opel Combo CDTi 1.3 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Economical, reliable, nippy and fun!


Alternator went at about 100K.

Battery went at 80k.

Leak in driver's footwell, which necessitated the removal of all carpeting. Fixed myself after several mechanics failed by jamming a tube of expanding foam into the bulkhead where the pedals are bolted on.

Now the leak's in the passenger footwell.

Gearbox electronics warning light comes on and off for no reason. Though it's on more often than off now.

Stupid plastic gear selector mechanism broke - common Combo fault.

Back door lock gone a bit funny now, the handle doesn't snap back into position.

Water pump bearing seized, throwing water pump belt off and overheating.

Driver's seat bolster worn from previous owner getting in and out.

Leak in back doors causing rubber matting underlay to be chucked out, because it wouldn't dry.

General Comments:

This has been a good little van. I have a feeling the mileage isn't genuine, as it seems much more worn for the mileage than it should be.

A reviewer of the Vauxhall variant said it was slow - it's CERTAINLY not slow. It goes like the clappers as the little turbo kicks in.

I'm getting near the end of my ownership now. I want a Hiace again, just for the room while we're doing the house up.

The factory stereo is brilliant, which is nice. Too many vans just have crap radios in.

But I have to say these little vans are worth a look, particularly if you want economy - when I got it first, I was able to get 52 mpg out of it!!!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2010

6th Sep 2010, 16:02

I have a 04 Combo, and it's filled with water. Had it at 3 garages, and can't find where water is getting in. Under the driver's seat there's a puddle. Totally sick of this now. Anyone with any advice, or see this before?

24th Jun 2011, 09:26

Try to check the drainage under the windshield!

6th Nov 2013, 03:31

Hi, my Combo did the same. The reason is the seal around the brake servo leaks, letting in water. It's an easy fix - get a tube of Tec 7 and reseal from the engine bay. The job takes 20 minutes. No more leak. This is a common fault. Hope this helps.

1st Apr 2015, 16:55

I have problem. There is a circular white piece of plastic under the engine that is broke and I don't know the name of this piece to buy it online. Can someone help me?