Kadett D 1.2 petrol

Why dont they still make cars like that???

40 words, Iceland, 1 comment

Kadett E 1.3i

Nice, cheap and reliable car, would by another anytime.

73 words, Serbia

Kadett Club 1.3

My first car..

95 words, Netherlands

Kadett LS 1.6 diesel

Cheap car - nothing special

53 words, Czech Republic

Kadett Club 1,6i

Kadett- fun to drive and cheap to buy

211 words, Sweden, 1 comment

Kadett GL 1.8S

The best, but the rustiest

205 words, Sweden, 2 comments

Kadett Club 1.6i

Fun, reliable and cheap car

50 words, Sweden

Kadett 1.3

Cheap, and unreliable for rookies

117 words, Lithuania, 1 comment

Kadett Estate 1.3 petrol

Very, very reliable, economical, but not too comfy

52 words, UK and Ireland

Kadett LS 1.8 petrol

85 words, Netherlands, 1 comment

Kadett S 1.2 petrol

48 words, UK and Ireland