Kadett LS 1.4i C14NZ

Very fuel efficient for its age, rusty, rather simple mechanics, many small issues all the time

423 words, Denmark

Kadett GSi Superboss 2.0 16v

A physics defying, thirsty, landbound rocket

278 words, Australia and New Zealand

Kadett GL 1.6i

Not (too) bad a car, even after 18 years

106 words, Serbia

Kadett LS 1.3 Carb

Definitely a good investment

86 words, Finland

Kadett Beauty 5 door 1,4i

A good bloke

148 words, Germany, 2 comments

Kadett S 1.2

Cheap to run, fun to drive - 4 gears is a laugh

116 words, UK and Ireland