1978 Opel Monza A1 2.8 S from Germany


Opels masterpiece -- a dream of a car!


None at all, as far as the company's quality of manufacturing at those days are concerned.

Today there are in fact some strange noises, part from the steering, part from the motor.

General Comments:

This car is fast, big, comfortable, reliable, and thirsty.

It seems to be made of solid steel.

The combinable cabin-boot is huge enough to lay asleep in it at night on real long journeys throughout Europe.

I think of keeping this one forever.

However, the German Opel dealers don't have a clue of kindness and quality.

At several times they have even tried to sell used parts as-- and for the price of-- new ones, so I would never again buy another Opel.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2002

1985 Opel Monza GSE 3.0E from UK and Ireland


Fabulous eye catching rust bucket


Rear driveshafts regularly came undone.

Viscous fan seized up.

Fuel tank rusted out

Inner wings rusted out.

Electrics iffy.

Front discs cracked (twice).

Front spring broke.

General Comments:

These are fantastic cars, I owned two of them. The GSE has much better suspension and the four speed auto is a must.

Fuel consumption is surprisingly good and the straight six engine is a classsic.

The big problem is the lack of rust prevention. The fuel tanks rot out and are very expensive to replace. The inner wing areas do not have sufficient bracing and literaly crack after a bit of rust sets in - check for this very carefully if buying (do front wheels tilt inwards at the top).

The handbrake is only just good enough to scrape an MOT when in top condition. This means a brake rebuild at least once a year!

Front suspension suffers and is a garage job to service (very, very tight nuts - very big springs).

A rattling timing chain (common) is bad news, supposedly an engine out, head and sump off job to fix - some magicians claim they can do it without!

Apart from that a brilliant car, if I could find a nice one that had everything fixed, I would buy another.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2000

26th Jan 2001, 19:04

True about the rust, inner wings on mine round the strut tops and rear valence disintegrated.

4 speed switchable box is good, I used to drive on the stick all the time.

Economical if driven sedately.

Superb comfort over distance, those Recaros are better than the seats in my brother's SLK!

1985 Opel Monza Comfort 2.5i from Netherlands


When petrol is for free... I will look for one again!


Due to neglect by the previous owner, several petrol leaks had to be repaired.

Seat's heating wasn't working anymore.

Small oil leak (oil pump).

A new clutch was installed.

Electric powered mirror (left) wasn't working 100% anymore. Mirror heating right defect.

General Comments:

This was my second Monza. The 2.5i was not really powerful enough, but made the same sound as the 3.0i I once owned.

Small 'electric' things didn't work 100%.

This was a rare model with LCD dashboard and lots of options. I liked it a lot, until petrol prices started to overtake my love for this rare coupe.

Hardly any rust and very reliable. And a very nice smell from the pullmann interior. A great car!

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Review Date: 20th September, 2000

1983 Opel Monza Comfort 3.0E from Netherlands


Enjoyable sports coupe


Some small problems.

New battery.

A new piece of exhaust pipe (not cheap).

Rust underneath the right door.

New brakes (rear).

Glass and lock damage from stealing the radio (twice).

Just a big reliable Opel with no technical problems.

General Comments:

Killed by an Opel Omega Wagon in 1996, this grey Monza 3.0E was a beauty. I spent a fortune on petrol, but that's it.

I've been to Poland with this car and sometimes drove 200 km/h without problems in Germany and near Poznan. A real head turner everywhere.

It was more of a comfortable sports coupe than a high speed sports car. I can't think of a comparable Opel since the last Monza was built in 1986!

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Review Date: 7th September, 2000

1985 Opel Monza GSE 3.0 6cyl petrol from UK and Ireland


Water pump leaked and replaced at 70,000 miles. Camshaft at 80,000 miles. Heater matrix leaked & replaced at 90,000 miles. Steering wheel/column mounting replaced (under warranty!) at 120,000 miles. Fan viscous-coupling now stiff.

General Comments:

What's good? - Very quiet & comfortable, smooth six cyl engine, and very well-built. Rare manual box (Auto was a no-cost option chosen by most buyers) gives good performance, with relaxed cruising (2750 rpm at 70 mph) and reasonable economy (31 mpg motorway cruise, 26 average). Recaro seats wonderfully comfortable on long journeys, while very supportive when cornering hard. Digital speedo enables you to keep eyes on the road, as it remains clearly visible in your peripheral vision. Steering wheel/column mounting fault still supported by Opel after 10 years!

What's not so good? - Clueless Vauxhall dealers. Spare parts becoming rarer. Er, that's it!

Overall - An absolute gem. Over 150,000 miles and still going strong. Just as quick as ever, and feels like it will go on for another 100,000 before any more than routine attention required. Still on the original clutch! Stylish coupe lines still turns heads. Values now rising. A 70's/80's design classic. Keeping mine forever.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 1997