1995 Opel Tigra XE 1.4 petrol from Greece


A sleek little head turner


Power locks failed, speedometer went dead, oil pump gasket blew, airbag problem, engine would switch off (even while driving!) due to fuel injection relay, recalled twice to change cam-belts and tensioner. all this in the first year and all covered by warranty. after that nothing for 2 years then secondary air injection blew, ripped it out no need for it. then all OK for another 4 years. this year (2004) cooling system problems, lines had to be replaced and the radiator cost 250 euro. vibrating brake pedal and steering column while braking changed front disk brakes and pads, but problem still insisted took it back to the dealer and got corrected (don't know how) cost 300 euro. leaks in tailgate when it rains hard. exhaust has been changed 3 times in all these years, have noticed a ticking sound lately coming from somewhere inside the dash board, but not very annoying.

General Comments:

The car is great, it still turns heads after all these years. road handling is very good suspension is a little tight, room in cabin is satisfactory. no noise from cabin, interior quality is very good. I have been very sentimentally attached to my tigra, even if I got a new car I would think twice about giving it away. I read about all the problems the tigra's have, but mine did not have that many, I have no sunroof or ABS or air conditioning.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2004

30th Jul 2017, 07:15

I recently got a Tigra A 1995 and it was alright; pretty fast, and good until summer came and I can't exactly turn my head around what is making my car heat up. The fan is working and turning on when it goes up to 90 degrees, and the radiator was opened and didn't have any blockage, thermostat and coolant replaced, and then finally changed the water pump hoping it was the problem, which made the car take a bit longer for the temperature to go up. But after it hits 90 and the fan turns on, it keeps going up till almost 95 and plays between 93 and 95. I'd like to ask for help; maybe you can tell me what causes the problem!? It would be very helpful and appreciated.

10th Jan 2018, 10:22

I have also had a Tigra since 1995. What I did was to replace the radiator for the A/C radiator model, which is bigger.

Your radiator is old and is maybe somehow blocked, so it's better to replace it.

I also run a cooler thermostat (begins to open at 82 degrees instead of 92). Now only when it is 35 degrees outside and with me driving like mad does it go above 90 degrees. Mine has 130bhp and can rev to 7500 RPM, so the engine produces a lot more heat.

1995 Opel Tigra 1.6 petrol from Malta


A good ride for a dude


Water started coming in from the tail gate drain system. All the back seats where getting filled with water and the seat belt metal sections got rusty.

General Comments:

I love the car's shape.. it is very nice, but sometimes I ask if it's really worth the money.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003

28th Apr 2013, 05:35

Exactly the same happened to my Opel Tigra. My back seats were soaking, and now the memory went in my car, which prevented the car from starting, which meant it had to be recoded.

1995 Opel Tigra 1.6 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Like playing Russian roulette with repairs


Cam belt tensioner failed at 30,000 miles, new engine fitted for free by Opel.

Differential bearings failed at 45,000, I fitted a secondhand gearbox from a Corsa GSi.

AGR valve for emission control is sticking, replaced with a new one.

ABS light stays on, but do not know the cause.

General Comments:

Like most people I love the car despite its faults.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2001

1995 Opel Tigra 1.6 16v from Netherlands


Oil pump gasket had to be replaced.

Condensation in the headlights.

Some electrical problems (the engine gets an engine failure light warning and the engine shuts down, after few minutes it's all okay again!)

General Comments:

Nice car, but seems to have a lot of problems.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2001

1995 Opel Tigra 1.4i 16v petrol from Malta


The timing belt and rollers had to be changed after 18k miles because of a manufacturing stage defect. Change made for free.

Cold starts not always perfect. Petrol additive necessary.

Brakes, tyres and fuel filter demand routine inspection.

Paint - especially bonnet paint - chips easily.

General Comments:

Looks are its biggest asset; dare I say it will get noticed before other much more luxurious or sporty coupes.

Car is rather quick for its engine capacity, offers good road holding.

There are several factory supplied engine modifications to enhance performance. Fuel regulator turns performance factors onto a new page.

The only thing I dislike is that it's an unbearable heat absorber in the summer. If you want one air-con is a must.

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Review Date: 4th April, 1999