1990 Opel Vectra GL 2.0i 8v from Serbia


Too bad they don't make them any more!


The rust was a major problem (and the ONLY one), and I had to deal with it 2 times in 7 years and 125.000km of ownership.

Timing belt snapped once (my fault), but made zero damage to the engine!

General Comments:

The car is very simple, very cheap to drive, use and abuse, and needs minimum maintenance.

Comfortable seats, roomy cabin, with good build quality, silent (till 160km/h+) and extremely durable, bullet proof engine.

Bought new front brakes when I bought the car; were not half worn after 125.000km.

NOTHING EVER went wrong with this car, which I didn't cause for myself!

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Review Date: 7th January, 2011

1990 Opel Vectra GLS 1.7 diesel non-turbo from Italy


First love; I'll always miss "her"..


1) Rear brakes blocked when the car was parked. This happened twice between 61,670 and 100,000 kms. I had to let the rear drums be machined.

Anyway, equipping such a car with drum brakes at the rear is ridiculous; with 4 discs and ABS it would have been much better.

2) Central locking defective. I would close the car and it would reopen by itself again. There never was a solution to the problem.

3) Had to change the diesel ignitors at 200,000 kms. I thought these could have lasted much more. Maybe I got bad fuel or the kms when I bought the car were many more than 61,670.

4) Power steering always leaking. No solution found. Had to fill oil every three weeks.

5) Rust, rust, rust, especially at the rear end.

6) At 280.000 kms the diesel pump was leaking and it had to be substituted. My mechanic asked 1,500 Euros for it and I decided to bring the car to the demolisher. May be also in this case I got bad fuel or the kms were much more than 61,670 when I bought the car. In this regard I had expected more durability from Opel.

General Comments:

I was in love with my Vectra. I bought it used (3 years old) for 1/3 of the price it had when it was new.

It was the first "big" car after years of cars/cans like Renault 5 and Fiat 126. No air conditioning, no ABS, 60 HP, dead slow in acceleration, but what a progress!

It was solid as a brick, very cheap as for the consumption (5 liters for 100 kms), comfortable, very good for long journeys.

I never had a problem with the engine; with 280,000 kms the car was still running with its first clutch and exhaust. Engine compression was still perfect.

Slow and noisy, but an excellent workhorse. No sign of wear in the interior. Very good in aerodynamics, too. Road holding was good but not excellent, like in most German cars if compared to Italian ones. The overall quality of German cars is superior, but road holding remains the domain of Italian cars. A little weak as for the brakes.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2010

1990 Opel Vectra GLS 1.6 from Estonia


Worst car I ever had


1. Fuel pump failed.

2. Injector started leaking.

3. Gearbox oil leaked out.

4. Front axle started making a noise.

5. One windscreen wiper just broke off from the motor.

6. Sensor in the distributor failed.

7. Power steering started leaking.

And a LOT other problems.

General Comments:

Except almost zero reliability, the car isn't bad to drive, it's fast enough and pretty quiet on the highway, has a big trunk and it also has very good gas mileage, about 5,5L/100km on a highway.

Parts are cheap too, sadly you have to buy them a lot.

I've had Audi and I currently have BMW, and I can't imagine I would ever buy them so much parts...

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Review Date: 5th March, 2009

1990 Opel Vectra GT 2.0 from Bulgaria


Unbelievably incredible!


I have the vehicle from a short time, but enough for some serious impressions.

Rust everywhere!!! It is Opel after all. Mine is very bad-i can't believe the rear axle has not fallen anywhere yet, considering the quality of Bulgarian roads.

Nothing else, which is also unbelievable because of the same reasons.

And of course we all know about the endless oil-leakages of the OHC-engines.

General Comments:

Great car, great performance, great pleasure!!!

15 year old car, that causes no problems, accelerates 0-100km/h for 8 seconds!!! Runs with 220km/h!!!Fuel consumption is below 10l/100km!!!

All this for 1200Eur...


Very comfortable interior, giving you the feel of a real car. The dashboard is absolutely silent. This is very important and people who have driven a Peugeot from this generation know what I mean... GT seats are a little bit harder than the other, but very appropriate for the spirit of the car.

The driver's seat is very comfortable for people with long legs, unlike any Peugeot or even Ford. The original steering wheel is bigger than Titanic's.


The drive is a little bit harder, than a 70 year old man would like, but it is a GT after all. It is great pleasure in the corners. Especially with a small steering wheel as mine. The lack of ABS might be a problem for somebody, but not me...


This is the word that best describes the spirit of the car! It's great!

Can you imagine what happens with the face of a BMW 320-owner when you leave him 20 meters behind you on the traffic lights. You are the fast and he is the furious:) ) ) This car kills most of the GTI-s on the road. And I LOVE Diesels... Even the newest...

I made 220km/h on the highway! It is great to flash to a Mercedes or BMW to get out of your way and overtake them with 220...

Oh, and don't worry about the brakes-four discs, front ventilated...


Consumption is funny, just as spare parts. There is everything you look for in every shop. Unlike other cars (French or Italian) the front suspension is far from being a troublemaker. In fact it is eternal.

The last three months I wonder if it needs special attention anywhere, but this car only gives pleasure and no problems. I love it.


Just imagine:

Black, lowered in front Devil, with 15" Alloys and 205/50/15...nothing to add...

It was a luck to get rid of the Peugeot and by this demon for some 1200Eur. I only had them, so I couldn't buy a Calibra. I bought the best alternative. I'm still thinking about the Calibra, because it brings me some great memories from the time I had some real friends at one place that becomes hell in the winter...

Thank you for the attention and good luck! /Goldy/

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Review Date: 18th July, 2005

19th Mar 2006, 23:05

I used to have a Vectra GT and it still is one of my all time favourites. The handling of the car was very good the seats of the GT did an excellent job keeping you steady, no matter how tight the corner was and how fast you went around it.

The 2.0l engine was one of the best of that size ever built. It responded pretty well, had a very good fuel efficiency and due to a fairly flat torque curve, it offered good acceleration throughout the entire spectrum.

With my GT, I could easily take on all the GTIs, GSIs, 190 Mercs, Audi 80/90 and 320 BMWs and getting it to 200km/h was a breeze. The fastest I had achieved was about 230, giving my mate in his 2 litre Calibra, who tried to get past me a really hard time :)

It was a fun car to drive and I was sad to see it go.

13th Mar 2009, 04:57

I agree with all the above-written. I used to have two Vectra's, one was 2.0 CD, and the other one was 2.0GT. The GT version has close/short ratio gearbox, and you really enjoy driving it. It gives you an impression like driving in hill climb championship races. I used to drive Honda CRX in hill climb championship of Kosova on 2002 and Astra Gr. N 2005. Honda's are also very reliable and powerful cars, but also Opels have nothing less of performance. I drove it at a highway max 210km/h, because of close ratio, but I could easily pass a Passat TDI and Mercedes CDI 2005.

The only weak point of these cars are the rust, the rest such as interior, seats, dashboard and engine are just great.