1990 Opel Vectra GL 1.8i from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap Reliable Unit


No 2 Plug lead corroded causing misfire.

Starter solenoid replaced.

General Comments:

No Rust anywhere.

Best handling tail-dragger I've driven.

Not the fastest car on the road, but one of the quickest, you will run out of balls before it runs out of grip. Very cheap car in NZ as it is not common except round Hawkes Bay, parts are expensive, but the dealership know which parts can be adapted from other models.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2003

1990 Opel Vectra GLS 2.0i from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, fast, economical sedan I have ever driven


Not many things have gone wrong with this car. The previous owner was very carefull and kept a good service history which starts in 1991 (when the car was first sold). A year ago the radiator started leaking and the brake lights switch wasn't adjusted properly when I bought it. It never let me down.

General Comments:

I think that this car has a really good value for money. It fells strong and reliable, has just enough amount of power (135bhp), fuel consumption is very good (8L/100km city driving) nice details...

The only thing is that this car doesn't go with Michelin tyres (not on New Zealand roads at least).

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Review Date: 7th May, 2002

30th May 2003, 05:39

I have -90 model 1.6LS (last model without catalysator) 5.5L/100km it is less than my other car -98 Vectra 1.6/16V Voyager.

260000km and still it is in very good shape.

1990 Opel Vectra GL 1.7 diesel from UK and Ireland


Well, it's an old car for starts, so you'd expect things to go wrong. But, the things that have gone wrong nearly got me killed! Your brakes failing and going over the Cork/Kerry Mountains is no fun experience. In general, it's pretty hard on the brakes. I always have to get something done to them every few months when I have it in for a service.

Other than the brakes failing there has been nothing really serious that has gone wrong with it. Although that could change when I bring it in for a service tomorrow.

General Comments:

For me it's main plus point is that it is economical. On a full tank I get 500 miles plus and that's city miles. Insurance is cheaper, but Tax isn't. Same as a petrol car.

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Review Date: 26th September, 1998

26th Jun 2001, 10:13

I didn't find any problem with the brakes of my Vectra. It's roomy in its class and is economical. However, the interior noise level and the disturbing suspension really made me feel uncomfortable.