1997 Opel Vectra GLX 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland




Passenger's door doesn't lock with central locking.

Radio keep resetting with every start.

Sometimes it pulls left (???).

Seats wearing very quickly.

General Comments:

Despite having 180K miles on clock, the car runs smoothly and accelerates without hassle in any gear.

Top speed 115MPH (could do more, but not tried).

Controls on steering wheel work as they want... Speakers the same.

Seats aren't very comfy on long runs.

Doesn't burns oil (no more than usual).

Like the shape of the car, and bought it for bargain.

Need circa €500 to fix few things, and it'll be OK.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2011

1997 Opel Vectra CD 1.8 petrol from Palestinian territories


Great fun, and you will not find better!


Nothing important, some basic maintenance like brakes, fans and other stuff, but there was a problem with the electricity... not a major one to effect anything important!

General Comments:

Very roomy and lots of space everywhere, especially the boot.

Not that fast, but fast enough!

Reliable... good interior... smart and stylish!

Really safe and the proof is my last accident when it crashed into some big stones and flipped in the air 3 times... but here I am alive... By the way it is in the trash now!

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Review Date: 20th April, 2008

1997 Opel Vectra CD 1.6 16v from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Beauty and the Beast


Turning lights moisture.

Dashboard noises.

Rear suspension rattle.

Hard to shift gears.

Noisy fuel pump when the engine is cold.

A/C fan broken and blocked.

MAF fails.

O2 Sensor fails.

If cam belt fails -> RIP.

A really bad feeling when people say: "You shouldn't have bought a Vectra."

General Comments:

I bought this car by chance. You will encounter a number of problems with it but when you fix those, all you have to do is make sure you change the cam belt every 60.000 km.

Vectra-B is a beautiful car (in my opinion) especially when it's silver like mine is.

I admit it made me furious at times during the first month, but now it running smooth.

It is comfortable, spacey and cool :)

It's almost silent when idle.

Mine has radio controls on the steering wheel.

AC uses the main radiator fan and works fine.

Conclusion: The car is fast, reliable, comfortable, beautiful and feels good if you spend some time and money on it after you buy it.

The problems and other people's opinions will make me sell mine soon.

Maybe I'll buy a 2002 (facelift) model.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2008

1997 Opel Vectra 1.6 Ecotec (100 PS) from Germany


Some problems, but would buy it again


+++ Fixed problems +++

Water in headlights - fixed under dealer's warranty

Trunk was leaking - fixed under dealer's warranty

Fuel door couldn't be locked - fixed under dealer's warranty

Control light for A/C didn't work - fixed under dealer's warranty

The washer for the front window didn't work correctly - fixed under dealer's warranty.

Estimated costs if I had had to fix the above problems on my own: 140-200 EUR or more.

+++ Other problems +++

Background lighting for ventilator doesn't work - not yet fixed

Background lighting for rear window heating doesn't work - not yet fixed.

Estimated costs for fixing the problems: 10 EUR or less.

General Comments:

The car's appearance is very nice, but opinions may differ ;)

The 1.6 engine (100 PS) should be sufficient for most situations (city traffic, sporadically autobahn).

Maximum speed according to the documents is 188 km/h, although I think that you can push the car a little faster actually.

The engine is relatively quiet.

A/C works very well for me. (About 35°C were no problem this summer.)

The seats are comfortable.

Even big persons should have enough space in this car (a friend of mine is 2 meters and didn't complain!).

The original sound system (especially the loudspeakers) are of good quality.

Even if you don't like to spend a lot of money on a better radio, you'll be rapt by the sound.

The interior is appealing.

The car has no oil consumption at all.

Mileage is acceptable at about 9 litres per 100 km (according to the manual, the engine requires at least 95 octane gasoline).

The handling is easy, but due to it's length you could have problems finding parking spaces.

The trunk is very big, you could even hide corpses in it ;)

The cup holders are too small for bottles or cups, only cans would fit in.

There is only few space for your accessories like cell phones, keys, money, etc., you'll only have the glove compartment or the compartments at the doors...

The rear window is quite small, the look out of it is hampered.

The mirrors at the doors could be bigger, too.

For having as few worries as possible, I recommend buying this car from a dealer only, for he can fix problems under warranty.

(In Germany, dealers are obligated to offer an implied warranty; private persons aren't...)

Although I did experience quite some problems already, I would buy the same car again.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2006