1997 Opel Vectra CD 2.5 from United Arab Emirates


A good car, but spoilt because of the spares situation in the UAE


Had a missfire and subsequent loss in power at approx. 58K. This was fixed.

Lumpy tick-over at approx. 61400. This has been a major problem which resulted in the replacement of HT leads and coil.

When this work was being done it was noticed that the engine bay wiring harness had perished. Apparently this is a common fault on all German manufactured cars that are not GCC specked. It gets very hot out here in the summer 50C is not unusual. As this is a Japanese specked car, we could not source a wiring harness locally through the GM dealer and had to have one made up.

When that was fitted, I had to have the ECU reprogrammed, as the techie told me that the coil was only receiving one pulse, so the engine was only firing on 2 cylinders, not good for acceleration.

It now appears that I might have a problem with the timing. The tick-over is fine, but pulling away the acceleration is very poor (flat) feels like it is a 4 cylinder.

My biggest problem here is getting spares. As this is a Japanese specked car, the local agent does not stock and is not interested in stocking spares or even trying to fix or service the car. I have to rely on the Mr. fix-its that we have in abundance in this country.

General Comments:

The car itself, when everything is working, is great to drive. We have excellent roads in the Emirates, most are dual carriageway 4 lane highways and as a cruiser, this car is great.

It handles quite well, but I can't really test it on these roads.

I find that adjustment for the seats is quite adequate with all the minor controls easily to hand.

I don't want to get rid of it, but I might have to because of the spares situation.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2006

13th Nov 2008, 21:23

Totally agree with the article, but Opel does not bother with the customer's spares problems.

GM should have a good spares inventory. If so, Opel sales can boom.

I love my Opel Astra, but to keep it good condition a fortune is being spent.

29th Dec 2008, 14:25

Opel Vectra B is absolutely a piece of crap. In the past 2 years I've had to replace snapped timing belts four times.I'm wondering what is causing the timing belts to snap without any reason. Any time this has occurred it has caused damage to at least two valves. The engine head had to be opened to put the car on the road again. I'm tired because I'm spending a fortune and finally decided to dispose of it. Meanwhile, the car has done only 120km and supposed to be fairly new.

Francis, Ghana.

1997 Opel Vectra Caravan 1.6 16V from Norway


The Vectra is a very low quality car


Very many expensive faults have appeared during my 4 years with the Vectra.

The engine blew up at 114 000 kilometers.

Now it has its 3rd engine. High oil consumption and engine breakdown relatively often happens to the 1.4 and 1.6 engines produced from the mid nineties and up to around 2002 (at least), according to surveys I have found.

AC-system has been leaky, and was expensive to fix; close to 1000 pounds / 2000 USD.

Displays fail. Lamps blow up too often. Airbag sensors often fail.

Cambelt has to be replaced relatively often.

The car has been terribly expensive, and I tell all my friends what a catastrophe the car has been.

General Comments:

It has very low quality, and is very expensive to fix. According to the Norwegian newspaper VG "Verdens Gang", both the Opel Vectra and Opel Omega produced between 1995 and 2002 happened to be on a list of the 12 worst used cars one could buy.

The newspaper (http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=209997) concluded; "Opel Vectra (oktober 1995 - juni 2002) "gir eierne massevis av problemer og feil", heter det ifølge testen."

This means: "Opel Vectra (October 1995 - June 2002) gives the owners loads of problems and faults, according to the test.

Consumer's Association was behind the test.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2006

7th Aug 2009, 02:52

I totally agree. The Vectra B was a major drawback compared to Vectra A that was very reliable. In fact I see on the streets more Vectra A in good condition than Vectra B!

11th May 2012, 08:25

Unfortunately I still have this car. It has now 200000 km on the tacho and engine number 4(!). Just paid in excess of 1000 USD (6400 NOK) for some small repairs, but noises in the AC remain. A terrible disaster of a car...

Bought a 1.3 Toyota Corolla '95 about a year ago, and haven't even changed a light bulb..

27th Oct 2012, 17:26

At about 206 000 km the 4th engine gave up, due to a snapped cambelt. It was changed at 163000 km, in November '08. Horrible lack of quality!!