2003 Opel Vectra Elegance 2.2 DTI diesel from Romania


Very good car for the budget, almost ideal second hand


Nothing yet.. :)

General Comments:

Very good car for the money.

Roomy and comfortable, excellent family car. If it has all the safety systems like ABS, traction control and ESP packed with 10 airbags (like mine); also a very safe car, theoretically.

Fuel consumption OK for a 2.2 engine diesel.

Satisfactory performance, but a stable and solid feel when driving.

Maintenance is at normal prices not cheap, but also not so expensive compared to its other german rivals.

A thing that you have to get used to is the electronic direction switch.

What else I find under my expectations is the sound system, whatever this is, I suppose that the speakers are some kind of cheap stuff.

In winter, it gets hot quite quick, and in the summer cold, not noisy ventilation and a responsive sensor are making the air conditioning very good.

If well maintained, this car is very desirable second hand.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2010

18th Apr 2010, 18:55

12.04.2010 A rubber hose from the turbocharger to the intercooler has blown off... solved through a universal Gates hose. I understood that this is a quite usual problem with this engine. No other problems during the winter time.

2003 Opel Vectra Elegance 2.2 petrol (gasoline) from Romania


My Vectra C is an European car with a touch of American feel when driving :)


The most annoying things were the buttons for operating the air-condition and the on-board computer. They work bad, maybe the previous owner has used some silicone for the dash and this has soiled the electrical contacts.

For the air-conditioning, I managed to remove the whole control unit and I used a contact spray on the trimmers. They work better now.

The interior is still in good shape, but on some parts the rubber peeled off.

Another thing is the cracking sound when I open the driver's door. I must change the door hinges, but it's a little bit complicated.

General Comments:

I bought myself this car from Germany. I like it. It’s roomy and reliable. I changed only the oil and the filters until now. A little bit expensive for the oil: about 5 l of very fine 0W30 full synthetic oil.

I have an automatic gear box and it is working fine, but it has a bit of lag when speeding in automatic mode.

For the consumption, it’s not an economic car, for sure. In urban areas I get between 11 and 13 litres per 100 Km. But on highways at 90-110 Km/h I can get 7 l/100Km, which is quite good for a 2200 cm3 petrol engine (Z22SE).

Luckily my car has parking sensors. I don’t know how I could park this car in the narrow European cities without it.

I especially don’t like the rain sensor, which sometimes makes the wipers turn crazy on a few drops of rain. And I don’t like the electronic turn signal.

As for the dual-zone air condition, I don’t find it very helpful.

Because I have the “Elegance” model, this car has air vents and reading lights for back passengers, and an arm rest between the front seats and a sunroof. So it’s a good car for long trips.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2009

2003 Opel Vectra Club 1.8 from UK and Ireland


A car to be seen in


The link arm joining the window wipers broke.Small and inexpensive to repair.

General Comments:

This is a good reliable family car. Comfortable and relaxing to drive. Not recommended for the boy racer. One problem I found is the roof pillars restricts a lot of your view, as does the rear view mirror. The suspension is a little hard and you can feels those Irish pot holes, but over all it's a good buy for the money. if I was to trade up I think the GTS hatch back is a cracking looking motor and would get my vote.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2006

2003 Opel Vectra Elegance 2.0 DTI from Romania


The paint job of the car leaves plenty to be desired.

Some ECU problem - in fact, the sensor behind the steering wheel which translates the angle of the steering wheel to the front wheels; aleatory presence malfunction though.

In 500000 km nothing changed, except for oil, filters, wipers and tyres.

General Comments:

Good looking car with satisfactory power. Good thing the engine is Isuzu.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2006

9th Feb 2006, 08:53

Regarding the last sentence: "In 500 000 km nothing changed...". There is an error: 50 000 km, not 500 000, obviously.

2nd Oct 2006, 11:03

The engine is not Isuzu, its GM's own.

2nd Nov 2006, 09:08

Isuzu, though...

11th Dec 2006, 12:38

70k kms and all is going good for now. the car is nice, good performances, good use of gas, confortable and a reliable car.

I just have a complain with the steering system, it sucks. but beside this, I like the vectra.

15th Dec 2008, 15:46

100,000 km and engine and gear box like the first day. however, I may have other complains beside the above electric steering system.

- The inside roof cover. when you live in a hot country like me, this cover drop off.

- Air conditioning evaporator. It start giving me problem at 75,0000 km, I need to replace it.

- The light direction system. I had to replace the entire module. they would have thought in design something more simple, like Japanese cars. This system is very complicate and brake easy and you cannot repair it. has to change it.

Beside this, I think the Chevrolet Vectra C is a great car, acceleration, performance, gas consumption and the entire package is great for a car in this category.

8th Jan 2015, 23:09

No, actually the 2.2 CDTI is indeed a diesel engine by ISUZU. The gas engine is German GM.

2003 Opel Vectra Comfort 2.2 turbo diesel from Israel


Reasonably good car.


Turbo pipes crack every 15000 km., more or less (three times, so far).

General Comments:

Very powerful and flexible engine.

Reasonable fuel consumption.

Smooth, comfortable ride.

Good maneuverability.

However, the steering is a little "foggy", due to electric system.

Quite spacious and roomy inside.

Relatively comfortable seats.

Very good integral sound system.

Lack of light lamp for back seats.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2004

28th Nov 2005, 16:10

I have a VECTRA DTI. It's the cheapest luxury turbo-diesel your money can buy in Israel, and I just love it. I have driven 56000 km in 18 month period. A steering power pipe cracked once, and the turbo solenoid had to be replaced, and that's it. I love the electronic gadgets of the car-it spoils the driver! Like, opening the windows from outside with the key on a hot summer day-a blessing! And the air condition system reads your mind and reacts immediately to every little command. Yes, my next car will be a VECTRA. DTI, naturally.

4th Jan 2006, 10:51

I have the 2003 Vectra B 1600 CC. made in Egypt. I like the car shape, engine, but not the suspensions, bumpers, seats, and the local company aintenance