2004 Opel Vectra GTS 2.0 DTi diesel from UK and Ireland


Smooth, but dear to keep on the road


Alternator went; cost 240 euros.

Leak off pipe, letting air in. Had to replace; cost 30 euros.

Had to replace fuel pump; cost 700 euros.

Replaced battery; cost 135 euros.

Replaced power steering pump at a cost of 450 euros.

Sump, rocker, and head gaskets had to replaced; cost 150 euros just for gaskets.

I bought this car with only 50k miles on it for 2500 euros, and then spent 1665 euros keeping it on the road. God knows what's next to come. I will not get my money back, so I'll have to drive it until it won't drive any more...

General Comments:

I like the huge boot and the cabin room.

I like the layout of the dash and the seating position.

The GTS version is what I have, and they're a cracking looking car.

GM just need to sort out the engine end of things.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2013

16th Oct 2013, 06:52

With that mileage and the stated problems, it sounds like it's been clocked.

16th Oct 2013, 17:19

I agree, 50,000 miles seems a little too 'exact', and I would've expected these problems on a car with more than double that mileage.

18th Dec 2013, 06:41

50000 miles for 2500 euros only, really seems a bit suspicious. I do agree with the previous comment, that it seems as if there was tampering with the mileage.