2000 Perodua Kembara Limited Edition 1.3 from Malaysia


Good for short distances and crowded parking places, but everything else is not so great


Dashboard screw cover on passenger side, right where the dash meets the windscreen was loose due to broken latch. And this was right out of the factory. It was too minor a problem, so I didn't fuss about it.

Reverse Sensor failed at 15,000 kms. Had it replaced by manufacturer as it was under warranty. Less than 10,000 kms later, it failed again. Since warranty only valid for first 20,000 kms, I didn't have it replaced.

Cabin light flickers. This is minor. I can replicate the flicker by pushing my elbow into the driver's side door.

Battery expired at 30,000 kms.

Reverse light (right side) failed at 60,000 kms.

General Comments:

Easy to drive.

Easy to park due to its smallish dimensions and driver's height.

Except for when the battery expired, this car will start every time you turn the key in the ignition.

Transmission is very rough. Every gear shift is a huge lurch.

Drinks fuel like there's no tomorrow!! Fuel 'economy' is worse than a Merc 200E - I know, I also drive a Merc. This is one of the main reasons we're selling the car.

Next to no room in the car. Yes, it seats 4 adults, but seated side by side, you'll be touching shoulders. If you're into golf, it won't fit your golfing equipment.

Cabin noise is high.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2003

12th Apr 2016, 15:11

Your problems were minor issues like blown bulbs and accessories fitted by vendors (reverse sensors). Of course batteries will fail depending on the years of usage, not on mileage. Noticed you used it for 75000km. Not bad eh...

2000 Perodua Kembara EZ 1.3 petrol from Malaysia


Bargain for a 4WD, but lacklustre performance


Nothing major.

General Comments:

Budget 4WD with attractive sheet metal and pretty good build quality. Doors shut with a solid feel, and the interior is almost rattle free (at least for now).

Main letdown is the drivetrain. Engine is harsh and the transmission is slightly jerky. Initial torque seems fine, but subsequently has to swing to high revs to deliver the required power, while the tranny hesitates with upshifts.

Oh... terrifyingly poor fuel economy for a 1.3, 80+ bhp; much thirstier than my Proton's 1.8, 130bhp.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2001

3rd Dec 2007, 06:53

Makan minyak.

2000 Perodua Kembara GX 1.3 petrol from Malaysia


Must buy


High fuel consumption.

Poor after sales service.

Seat squeezing sound.

Badly fitted windscreen stripe.

General Comments:

It is a clone of Daihatsu Terios. Made in Malaysia, as Perodua Kembara. Good handling especially cornering. Overall, deserves praise for being stable and reliable. Basically no bad comments on the product but the aftersales service of the manufacturer is unsatisfactory.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2000

17th Dec 2000, 21:30

Perodua Kembara is too expensive for us... maybe around 29 k is OK...

The Kembara is a very nice car and it's more suitable for girls to travel in.

It's too expensive... because it's quite a small car.

8th Jan 2001, 03:48

I am looking forward to getting my Kembara, hopefully it can be delivered to me before the coming Chinese New Year.

The key reasons for me to select a Kembara include the following:

1) Safety aspect as it looks tougher than general the sedan cars available. This is particularly important in the consideration of a collision.

2) Functional - it should be rugged enough due to its 4X4 feature and and should give a solid feeling on bad road conditions.

3) It looks nice and cute.

4) Supposedly easy manoeuvre.

Hopefully the Kembara will stick close to my expectation!!!

13th Mar 2008, 02:13

It is a very lousiest car I ever bought in my life!

I changed my auto gearbox for my Kembara EX last year and now still spoilt again!

Lots of problems!!!

1) Windscreen leaking that cause the rain water to leak to my car. Then the whole car is like flooding!

2) During warranty, the car dealers or the head office can't even know how to remedy the windscreen problems!

3) The air con is not good. Even the leaves, debris, smoke can be breathed go through this air con valves!!! So, the car dealers & mechanics can't remedy it!

4) The car seat is terrible!

5) Have you ever get stucked your foot in between those fuel and brake paddles??? Gossh!!

6) Then now the gearbox! There's no more recon, but rebuilt ones!!! Worst, after fixed it for a year, I got to change another one again. The engine is a VERY old technology from Japan as I have checked.

Last... This is no ending stories... It is the worst car and the last car of Perodua I ever bought!

If anyone of you wanted to buy this car, please don't buy! You heed my advice!