2002 Perodua Kenari EZS 1.0 DOCH from Malaysia


For a small car, it can be considered very spacious and comfortable


Generally the car was running very well, the only problem is the light inside the cabin fail to turn on while the door is opened. But it is repaired by the perodua service when the car is sent to service for its first 1000 km.

The engine is running quite smooth and a bit noisy even at around 3000 rpm.

General Comments:

Generally I like the car because of its space and tall body, the 1.0 DOCH engine is running smooth.

My Kenari is special edition type with automatic transmission. The only thing that didn't meet my expectation is the car is vibrating while it is slowing down or driving at slow speed, especially during traffic jams. The changing of the auto gears from 2nd to 1st is not smooth or slow, the feeling is just like we are late to push the clutch if we drive a manual car. The automatic gears for the Kenari is only D4, 3 and 2, so I believe that it will be better if the driver can control the 1st and 2nd gear like some of the automatic transmission cars in order to reduce the vibration at low speeds.

Anyway, the Kenari is really a good car that is value for money.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

4th Nov 2002, 22:24

Engine is noisy even travel at low speed. Irritating even at idling especially if the air-con is on.

The changing of automatic gear is not smooth like what you feel at low speed, this might be the common problem for 3 cylinders car.

22nd Apr 2003, 03:48

When going thru bumps too fast, the front wheels will be easily bounced up too high and slamming down to the road. Maybe because the front part is too light. A slightly too fast acceleration will also cause wheel spin.

Annoying sound seems to keep coming from the steering shaft when driving thru uneven track. Front panel especially the drawer keep shaking. Gear shifting is not smooth for the manual version especially for the first few thousand km.

Fuel economic is the best part for kenari. RM40 can provide me around 450km mileage.

Rear suspension should be a little stiffer to provide smoother ride in high speed with 3-4 passengers.

17th Nov 2003, 04:20

Bracket was loose under car immediately after taking delivery. Within the first 2 weeks of purchase the car had to be returned to dealer twice for faulty indicators.

One of the back doors leaked when it rains. Had to have a replacement exhaust. The airbag warning light was faulty. The engine warning light was faulty. I have had all these problems and the car is not yet 2 years old.

27th Nov 2003, 22:29

I believe that the faulty engine light persist in quite a handful of Kenaris. Mine always light up after a short distance of driving. This problem existed upon taking delivery of the car 2 1/2 years back and tried fixing it at each of my service intervals (6 times altogether) and still cannot be rectified. Really getting on my nerves.

Another thing is the rear suspension. Find it to soft. Shall replace it with a harder one for better stability and back passengers' comfort.

Apart from the above, I am quite a happy with the car especially with the economy fuel consumption.