16th Mar 2015, 19:11

Original poster back with a final post as the Myvi was sold to new buyer and replaced with a Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2 3 spec manual.

Well, we bid a very sad farewell to the excellent Myvi, another outstanding example of the model. Sold at 52,600 miles, the car was in faultless condition after our updates (see above posts) of new boot struts (eBay, for Sirion £30/pr), boot lifter string and clips from Daihatsu (£15), a windscreen seal (£70), electric window switch (£30), leather steering wheel (Daihatsu NOS £30), Momo gear stick (eBay £30), new discs and pads, 2 services and 2 MOTs. Total costs including purchase price circa £1850, and sold for £1995.

Dash rattle cured by adding a tiny blob of 2-pack glue to each corner of the underside of the passenger airbag cover; will not affect usage as the cover splits and the edge stays in-situ.

We will miss the excellent comfy, roomy cabin and ease of ingress/egress, the outstanding revvy engine, the quality stereo, the large rear cabin and headroom, the bomb-proof reliability and user friendliness of the car. Costs are minimal, with appreciation instead of depreciation as they are no longer available new, 46 MPG, £130pa tax, cheap servicing, cheap parts (via eBay breakers) and no need to replace parts that other cars need e.g. no cambelt, no drive-by-wire, no clutch master cylinder, no ESP parts etc.

Our fifth Myvi and another magnificent ownership experience.

We looked at every single new car available in the UK market from £6500-8500 and struggled to match the Myvi's cabin size, equipment, quality and performance. We either found a tiny cabin like the Picanto or a lack of power (Corsa 1.0 0-62 is 18.9 seconds as opposed to the Myvi's 11.2!!) and air-con ruled out many. We looked a pre-reg cars and narrowed it down to a Micra Acenta Connect with delivery miles or a Mitsubishi Mirage with air-con.

The Micra cabin was too low and I kept banging my head getting in, and I hated the toytown dash, so the Mirage, after a long test drive, won it.

We managed to get a 13 month old, 3000 mile top-spec 3 model owned by an elderly man who has a new car from the same dealer every year, for just £6500 with the 3 year service/EU breakdown/warranty pack, metallic paint and the protection pack of sill strips, mats, bootliner and mudflaps.

Compared to the Myvi, it feels small and dark inside, noisier, slower and more vibey, but the seats are comfy and the kit level is good with climate control, auto lights and wipers, front/rear sensors, keyless entry, alloys, DRLS, quality stereo with iPod lead etc. I like the safety of it with curtain airbags, ESP, traction control etc and it gets a 90% adult safety score. It feels more expensive and up to date, and is good to drive with a ridiculously small turning circle and nice snarl to the engine when provoked. Like the Myvi, it is very light at around 850kg wet and handles as such - but not as catastrophically as the reviewers would make you believe!

So far, so good.

Like the Mirage, the press hated the Myvi and gave it low scores, but the Myvis turned out to be outstanding cars to live with every day - and with moped-like ownership costs. It won't handle like a Fiesta or be as with-it as a VW up! But let us hope the Mirage is as good as the Myvi has been.

So goodbye to our last Myvi, they are no longer sold in the UK, sadly, after the pathetic attempts of Perodua UK to sell them. If the bog-spec Dacias based on old French tech sell well, why did the Japanese based tech Myvi (with air-con, stereo, metallic, remote locking etc standard) at the same money, not sell well?

It is a sad day for us, but we hope the new owner loves the car as much as we have. Bizarrely, I saw our old Kelisa driving about town today, still looking new after we sold it back in 2007... I guess the Myvi will still be going when the electrics give out on the Mirage!