1992 Peugeot 106 XR 1.1 petrol from Netherlands


Reliable city car, not a highway cruiser


The previous owner blew the head gasket at 80000 km. This seems to be a common problem of the 106.

New brake discs and brake pads were needed at 120000 km (the car was 6 years old then). With the same service, the exhaust muffler was replaced.

Every year the handbrake cable gets stuck. Every year the dealer thinks it needs replacement. Every year they manage somehow to make it work again.

After replacement of the spark plugs, one spark plug cable cap started to "leak", causing intermittent failure of one cylinder. It took a few visits to the dealer, before they could find out what was wrong, and they only charged a new cable. Chapeau!

There was something broken in the rear light circuitry, causing currents in the wrong places which nearly melted the plastics away.

General Comments:

The 1.1 engine is very noisy on motorways. But the fuel mileage is great, 6.5 l./100 km on average is not uncommon. And because the car is very light, it is surprisingly quick!

Road holding is good for such a small car, though it suffers bad from side wind susceptibility.

The seats are not very comfortable. The car is really designed for city use.

When looking for a used 106, avoid the XN 1.0 model at all cost.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2002

1992 Peugeot 106 XN 1.1 from UK and Ireland


A great first car, but not a luxury


Within a month of having my car the starter motor broke. This was put down to general wear and tear.

The alternator belt broke after a long journey mostly on motorways.

The starter motor broke again about a month after the new one was fitted. This was put down to a fault in the starter motor.

The engine is now very loud when both moving and stationary.

There are a few loose parts due to rust, but these are very minor.

General Comments:

This car is extremely nippy in the lower gears. Although it takes a few revs and makes the engine very loud this car can out start most other cars. Although it is fair to say that the other cars do swiftly catch up as this car is not so effective in the higher gears.

This is a great car to have if you have just passed your test as it is relatively easy to handle and is a great driving experience.

The fuel consumption is excellent in this car you can go a long way for your money.

Having played around with this car adding extras and fixing problems, the design of the car is dreadful some of the parts are near impossible to get to.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2002

1992 Peugeot 106 XSi 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A nippy little go-kart!


New Radiator fitted after the old one burst at 86,000 miles.

Valve stem seals are on their way out (A little smoke when started which clears after a short run).

New rocker cover gasket fitted as old one was leaking.

Rear trailing arm bearings have worn resulting in negative camber and hence uneven tyre wear. New axle is to be fitted.

Knock from front suspension. Possibly from anti - roll bar bush wear.

General Comments:

This car handles beautifully and is surprisingly nippy for it's engine size. I have the non - cat model and hence 100bhp. The power is a little lacking below 3000 RPM, but take it past this, and the cars a little screamer! It will rev out to 7200 RPM and love it. You can surprise a lot of people in bigger cars as the good performance and light weight bodywork ensures that you can beat cars of bigger engine capacities. I would say that my 1.4 is comparable to other manufacturers 1.6 hot hatches.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2002

1992 Peugeot 106 XSI 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Ace, but the reliability is terrible


Well I must have the worst luck with this car ever!!!

To begin with when I got the car I noticed the following:

* Fuel reading dial didn't work properly

* Oil temp dial rarely moved

* Gear change linkages are very worn.

These were just little things that were soon fixed with a trip to a scrap yard..

But then when the car got near 100K I soon had more problems:

* Front wheel bearings died

* Rear wheel bearings died

* Rear drums were badly worn

* Rear trailing arm was damaged due to the bearing needing replacing.

After spending a small fortune at a official (rip off) Peugeot garage, off we went thinking all was good..

Until at 110k the clutch blew up due to wear) and took out the flywheel, a timing sensor - which shorted out and also blew up the ECU.

I have just spent another fortune getting all this fixed.. when I went to get the car after repairs the (rip off) Peugeot garage left the timing sensor loose and about 4 miles out of the garage the clutch friction plate fell to bits, so back to the garage it goes!

General Comments:

Although I have had a complete nightmare with reliability problems, when this little baby works it's a dream!

I had a 4-1 manifold with a s/s exhaust which sounded amazing, especially with a K&N induction kit!!

The little beast will hit the high revs and go till it's red in the face, although its 0-60 is only about 9 secs I was able to get mine to hit 120MPH with ease and I even got mine to 130MPH once!!

It handles good, especially with some 15" alloys.. the standard wheels just didn't do it for me so 195 tyres soon gave me confidence to hammer it round those twisty bends.

I love this car, and although it's a bit old and worn out, I would love to have a pristine 106 XSi.

If you can find a nice low mileage one I recommend it.. you can outrun the most cars you find on out roads, apart from the GTI up range.. But even then a MK2 golf GTI will have trouble keeping up to this little baby.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2001

10th Jan 2002, 14:38

The oil temperature readout on these cars takes ages to move - mine is the same. Tells you just how long it takes oil to warm up properly!

Sorry to hear about your reliability problems. Mine has been pretty good since I got it a year ago. There's a bit of tappet noise and the brake discs warped, but apart from that, nothing has gone wrong with it.

You could buy something German and get the reliability, but nothing (apart from the GTI or Rallye) touches this little car for sheer fun in my opinion. It was obviously designed by someone who loves driving for the passion of it. It's a shame the person who loves build quality and reliability was obviously off-sick that day though!