1992 Peugeot 106 XSi 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Road legal go-kart!


The usual expendables (exhaust, tires, clutch, wiper blades).

Stereo packed up.

Head gasket went at 73,000 miles which proved costly as it had already been bodged before.

General Comments:

When things were going well this has got to be one of the most fun cars to drive going. Performance with acceptable insurance when I bought it. Low to the floor, it always felt very quick and had a motorised go-kart kind of feel. Handling in the twisties was awesome, but long sweeping slip roads bit you hard if you backed off the power and you were left you wondering if the back was going to over-take the front (later ones were better so I'm told), but I guess here the fault is as much with me.

I bought from a main dealer and hence had some warranty, but they weren't good at putting things right and when the head-gasket went the warranty had expired, and the dealer was adamant that the previous bodged repairs were nothing to do with them (although it later transpired that they were). The low-ish mileage, condition and full service history looked to be a sign of happy times, but it would appear that mine had had a hard time from a previous owner combined with the above bodge. I got things fixed but never felt happy with the car and sold it shortly afterwards. Hope it didn't cause the next owner problems, but I was honest enough to tell him the history.

Comfort-wise she didn't really suit me as I prefer long legged seating positions, but the bucket seats certainly kept you in place. Heavy footwear also made things interesting with the pedals so close together.

I'd definitely have another, but with a performance motor I'd be happier with a new one next time so I guess it will have to be the GTi. Also I need more space so it'll have to sit alongside a less exciting estate. I'd recommend one to anyone, but give it a very good check over.

In addition to the reliability problems the insurance was the final nail in the coffin when it doubled on renewal. Incidentally, this was despite being over 30 with 5 year's NCB and no points. I sometimes think that insurance companies are just out to stop us having fun.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2001

12th Nov 2001, 03:22

Agree totally with all your comments on the car. I've had my 94 model for almost a year, and apart from a couple of minor problems, I'm well impressed.

Surely this is one of the best kept secrets in motoring. The archetypal French "warm hatch" - moderate power coupled to a chassis so balanced and capable that the car can be made to embarass much more powerful and expensive machinery along a twisty lane. I love this car because it has genuine soul and ability, both of which outweigh niggles like the rattly interior and a relative lack of grunt.

I must admit, I'm surprised you had problems with insurance. I'm only 25 (with full NCB) and the car is parked on the road within the M25 (just!). Even so, I pay "only" £390 fully comp.

I will keep this car until it dies!

22nd Sep 2008, 20:15

I own a 92 XSi, and have had it for 7 years. It has been a fantastic motor and the 1.4 100bhp engine has got a lot of poke, especially between 40 and 60 mph.

The handling is great and is awesome on the country roads. However it does get a little tiresome on the motorways, as it sits on about 4000 rpm at 70mph, and you find yourself looking for the next gear.

And it has about as much torque as a North Korean hair dryer; as soon as you put someone in the passenger seat, the acceleration and brakes really take a turn for the worse. But apart from that, it is an awesome car with a great set of extras above the base model phase 1 106. Electric windows and mirrors, leather steering wheel, great set of alloys, slightly questionable upholstery (rectified on the later 1.6 XSi).

If you can find one that hasn't had some burberry clad 18 year old called Terry attempting to 'do it up' then you are lucky. These are hard to come by now, and thankfully don't have the GTI badge, so don't incur the same look of disapproval from the insurance companies.

1992 Peugeot 106 XR 1.2 petrol from Hungary


Really fast city car


At 64 000 the car started to be extremely noisy, almost as loud as a truck of some kind. The service told me that something went wrong with the valves (I don't really know), they fixed it and now it has the same sound as before.

No other faults apart from the interior scratching and rattling all the time (but that's normal in this category, age and quality.)

General Comments:

This little car is amazingly sporty. With four of us - each around 75 kg - it accelerates quickly to 90-100 km/h (haven't measured though).

I recommend it to everyone who needs a city car and is not very tall. I myself am 195 cm and I can hardly sit in the car - horrible :(

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Review Date: 13th February, 2001