25th Nov 2004, 11:21

I bought a quicksilver this year, and I love it... but had so many problems.

Front brakes keep warping.

New exhaust system.

Power steering pump.

Leaking sunroof.

Problems getting alloys to fit.

Engine idles erratically e.g. when coming to a stop or braking car revs drop like is about to cut out, but catches up again.

I think the head gasket has just gone because the heater Gage is going up and down allot.

18th Nov 2007, 16:10

I got a PUG 106 QUICKSILVER and now with this weather my sunroof is starting to leak bad, filling the passenger foot well up with water, if anyone got any suggestions for me that will be good thanks.

12th Dec 2007, 10:42

I have had a 106 quiksilver for 4 months now. Don't get me wrong; the car looks brilliant and is a nippy little sob. But since I have had mine, the driveshaft went on it. Additionally, both CV joints, needed new brakes discs, pads and brake shoes, brand new exhaust fell off in the first week I had it, and the clutch release cable went. It rattles like hail when you take it high speeds, and my gearbox is on the way out already.

7th Jan 2008, 07:29

I've had my quiksilver for 2years now. Slowly modifying it to track style.

I've had all of the problems above and solved them all with minimal disruption.

Clutch cable snapped - fixed myself.

Map sensor went - wouldn't idle, just stalled everytime turned on.

ICV (idle control valve) - held revs up 4000rpm and also caused stalling at low revs.

Thrust bearing and Clutch - bearing shot and clutch needs doing as it done 140,000 miles.

Brakes - are all good, haven't replaced anything on them since I've had the car, could do with more power in them though.

7th Sep 2010, 17:28

I have had my Quicksilver over a year, and I was learning for most of it, but now I've started driving in it, I've had a major problem of the accelerator just cutting out whilst driving, then the car will cut out and shut down.. then I have to wait awhile for it to restart... diagnostic machines show auto transmission... it doesn't have auto transmission.. SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE :( xxx.

23rd Sep 2010, 17:28

Hi, I have just bought a Quicksilver and am having trouble with it starting.

When it doesn't want to start, it's just turning over, but not firing. Then you leave it a few minutes, then it starts. Any help please?

2nd Mar 2011, 06:51

Hi, to the comment above about the car cutting out. I had this problem with a Golf, had everything checked on it but everything was working, and it would always start after leaving it a while! It turned out the air filter was blocked. Found this out while going up a steep brae, hitting the rev limiter, then a cloud of dust came from under the bonnet. After this the blockage had cleared and the problem was solved, hasn't cut out since (10,000 miles). My advice would be to change the air filter and see what happens.