2nd Oct 2008, 17:19

I'm 19 and I can just afford to buy, modify and insure a 106 GTI. I'm wondering whether a Saxo VTR will be the better pick??? Help people... I THINK the 106 is faster than the VTR, am I right?... this will be my first car BTW ;) HA... so much fun to be had soon from now.. anyways guys, I'm borderline GTI, what do you lot say...

8th Jan 2009, 05:45

I agree with the last comment, another common fault is the thrust bearing in the clutch assembly, and the gear box bearings. You know when they are on their way out because they make a whining noise when the clutch is out.

28th Nov 2009, 18:47

Owned a 106 GTi for just over 6 months now.

It's a great little car.

The handling is tight and it goes very well for a 1.6 16v.

Measured accurately on a satnav, my 1998 standard car has a top speed of 128.

Not as quick as a Clio 182, but handles just as well.

Considering the age, most of these will be getting on a little, and problems need either an engine rebuild or a new gearbox.

Totally worth the money if you want a proper little drivers car.

Don't do too bad on fuel.

Watch out for rear beam problems and rear wheel bearings if buying new. Dodgy idle problems often caused by knackered ICV. Cutting out caused by MAP sensor packing up, and weak fuel pumps.


20th Jul 2010, 16:18

I have a 106 1.1, and it goes 115 - 117, so I am sure the 106 GTi can blast past 130. I have also been in a VTR doing 130; I'm sure hills help though :)

22nd Jul 2010, 05:21

A 1.1 will not realistically do 115. It may show that on your speedo going downhill, but it's more likely about 105 at best. And the same with the 106 GTI/VTS; they still are only 120bhp, and don't have the power to get them to that higher speed, so would seriously struggle to get past high 120s.

Don't get me wrong, they're quick for what they are to 100 etc, but don t believe what the speedo reads, especially on a french car!

7th Oct 2017, 23:09

I have a Pug 1.1 Zest 2 and there is NO way it would do 115mph. Dream on. Pure fantasy. Probably about 100mph at a push; a shade over, but no more. I think 85-90 is the fastest I have had out of mine. I have no desire to drive it faster than this. For faster speeds I have my KTM Superduke R or Honda Blackbird CBR 1100.