11th Mar 2005, 16:28

'Quiksilver' are a 1.4 8 valve and are not fast. Civic Type R's are capable of 140mph I am very confident. I take delivery of a 106 GTi on monday having previously owned a Rover 220 GSi, which was capable of 147mph - M54 2:00AM. Sometimes you will be surprised what a car can do.

22nd Dec 2005, 07:35

Well- gti's are amazing machines- I own a 106 1.1 and had that at 120 (down slight hill) but believe 140 is doable- quality car mate.

15th Jan 2006, 08:18

I have to agree with the 140 mph top speed, possibly quicker!. With two passengers in the car I've seen just shy of it (137 mph est.) that was in standard form. If I had more road available more speed was possible not saying loads, but some.

15th Mar 2006, 15:55

^^^^^ There always has to be one joker!

21st Apr 2006, 03:04

You have got to be joking right? 125 MPH out of a 1.25 Fiesta, there is no way on earth you could hit 125 MPH. My mate owns one and he couldn't get past 103 MPH. So you're saying the 1.25 has a better top speed than the 1.6i Version.

It has 74 BHP and weighs over a tonne. There is no way it will hit 125 MPH. Serious speedo error I think.

29th Apr 2006, 15:56

No need for words.. Here's a picture I took when I first got my GTi; at which point, I only had the ECU remapped (limiter set to 8200), and a K&N intake kit. You can see I've got quite a bit of revs up till redline, which in my case is 8200 RPM. So, with the right gear ratio and engine mods, I assure you the 106 GTi is a 150 mph car...


16th May 2007, 17:06

I second the 120 mph comment regarding the 1.1 litre 106. I achieved that many moons back, slip steaming a xr2i at an undisclosed location somewhere in the UK. This was however years ago, and with age I have learnt that this is neither big nor clever. Seriously lads, think twice before trying anything like this. You're dead meat in a 106 hitting anything over 50mph.

16th Feb 2009, 11:46

Read this review by accident as it was on the screen of one of my students at work, and haven't laughed so much in ages!!! 140mph in a 106... DREAM ON! The comment that speedometers can over-read by up to 10% is partly correct - as it's illegal to have an under-reading speedo, they all over-read up to 10%... the average over-read being 6%. However, the 10% over-read is only applicable up to 70mph. As the speeds become greater, the error margins tend to increase disproportionally, and at 100mph, the average speedo over-reads by 13%, and so on. This, and many of the comments are just fantasies from daft wee boy racers who should really grow up a bit.