6th Feb 2001, 07:24

I've got a 1.6 XSi... in two years the only thing I've ever had to do is top up the oil! Spot on handling and quick.

22nd Apr 2001, 18:48

Have to say that to. XSI is a lot better than an AX GT! Why you think Citroen used the 106 design for the Saxo! Your GT is not standard is it!

23rd May 2001, 08:44

I've driven an XSi many times, it used to eat XR2is and AX GTs. It used to handle like a go-kart and it had the best gearbox, it just used to keep pulling no matter what gear you were in. A brilliant car.

7th Jul 2001, 07:44

I have a 1.4 XSi and I don't honestly care whether it would eat an AX GT or not. The Pug is so much fun, it doesn't matter.

Besides which the AX GT's were all falling apart when they were two years old. Must be terrible now!

8th Aug 2001, 09:38

I have a 106xsi 1.6, never raced it, but sure it would beat an AX... come on!

I have a problem though, when the engine is idle it sounds like a lawn mower. Anybody any ideas why, don't tell me it's the ECU... but if it is, any ideas how much?

21st Aug 2001, 06:54

AX GTi (leman) and XSI have got the same engine (Citroen-Peugeot).The AX GT is faster because has better gearbox, but less top speed.

I don't understand why the XSi 1.6 8v isn't as quick as the 106 Rallye 1.6 8v?

I own an AX TZX 1.6 8v (from the rally).

8th Feb 2002, 12:36

If the Citroen AX GT is so poor and rubbish, then remember this, the series 1 106 Peugeot is basically an AX underneath; ever heard of PSA? Peugeot/Citroen/Renault?? They share the same parts (engines/floorpans etc..). From past experience with my old 1.4 XSi (R.I.P.), it couldn't match the AX GT until 100 mph was exceeded! Yes, I do own an AX GT now, but how can I be biased when I used to own a 106. Anyway, they are the same car, so basically you are calling your own cars rubbish as well??

P.s - if anybody thinks I am wrong, check out this website www.gmcmotorsport.co.uk

You might learn something!

12th Jan 2003, 12:47

No, you are wrong! - PSA is the Group formed by Peugeot and Citroen not Renault!.I had an AXGT and now I have a 106 1.6 XSI. The AXGT as standard can do the quarter mile dash in 16.8 (s) whereas the xsi does it in 17.2 (s), however when you talk about the 1 mile sprint it is different. The AXGT doe sit in 33.4 (s) whereas the 1.6 XSI does it in 29.6 (s). The AXGT is lower geared so it is quicker throught the gears. And no the AXGTI doesn't have a better gearbox! - the Ratios are almost identical to those of the 1.4 XSI. The Peugeots are built 100% better standard than the Citroens. I never had any problems with my GT, but the Pug is better Quality, but heavier = 900kg vs 720kg for the 3 door GT.

30th Jun 2004, 10:46

Hi I have just bought a 1.4xsi I am 17 and doing my driving lessons, i got the car for 400pound a bargain there are a few faults though, central locking doesn't work, but key still flashes any ideas and how much 2 sort out. what brake horse power are they standard and how much can it b dropped any ideas ta.

11th Nov 2004, 08:51


I have a 106 xsi 1.4 and an axgt... the ax is faster without a doubt...106 handles better.

Both are good quick little cars.

4th Oct 2007, 05:29

My 106 xsi has been great I love it.