26th Sep 2001, 03:12

I too have a Rallye, a 93 with just 54k miles and it's genuine. I have treated it to the wider 106 Rallye wheels, K&N, exhaust, cam etc, and it's making 112 bhp at the wheels, it eats GTi's for breakfast!! I have since lowered it too. It now needs brakes and a head though. Contact me at march1@orange.net

4th Oct 2001, 10:22

I had have five, yes five, 205 Rallye and one 205 1.9 GTi. I have a Deltona EVO 215 CV now, and a 89 Rallye too. The Rallye is a very fun car, and a secure car on water. I'm looking for a second hand K&N kit and exhaust manifold.

5th Sep 2002, 11:07

I have a 205 Rallye, 1992/J. K&N induction kit, full down magnex stainless steel exhaust system, 100bhp NOS, twin turbo kit bought for £2000 inc fitting 205/40 R16 Dare alloys, front and rear spoiler. Electric windows, etc. Pushing out 315bhp with nitrous turned on. And a 0-60 in 3.8secs. Very good first cars, but not with all of these mods as it is more than likely that you will put it into a tree. Wait for a year and when you are 18, like myself Tesco's do very cheap insurance, with 1 years no claims it will cost you about £1300 TPFT. Very very fast car, top end on the rolling road she does 153mph. With 200lbs/foot of torque. Compared to the 103bhp and 85-90lbs/foot of torque.

1st Aug 2003, 09:41

Haha!! 315bhp, but only 200lbft torque?? I don't think so somehow.

17th Sep 2003, 03:20

The rallye is a fantastic car, everyone should own one at some time.

As for nitrous and a twin turbo installation on a 1.3 inline four engine... the previous comments say it all.

17th Mar 2005, 11:05

I too owned a 92 K yellow Rallye Special.

Gorgeous engine sound from the twin 40s (Like a V6!!) and performance to eat 1.6GTi and VTRs. I want another one, but they're rare as rocking horse sh*t (Heard only 1000 made worldwide). Was lowered with 15s and an air filter, but Canary Yellow stood out a mile, plus it kicked flames out the exhaust. I had it 110+mph which for a 13 year old 1.4 is damn quick still.


Anyone know what performance is like with a 106 GTi engine in?? Email me jimy1@O2.co.uk with any info. Ta.