12th Feb 2001, 19:18

Fraid I must disagree with the unreliability problems. I bought my 1.6 GTi nearly 3 years ago with 50k on the clock and it's now done 85k. The only thing that's gone wrong is having to fit a new radiator a month after I bought it. I drive it hard & still get 37-40mpg + find it comfy!!! Find me another hot hatch that you can pick up for that sort of money that performs & handles like these pocket rockets!!!

20th Jun 2001, 15:38

Regards the poster complaining about Peugeots being dangerous, I know of many problems with Peugeots, but yet to hear of any about brakes failing or the accelerator increasing!!! You sure you don't work for a rival manufacturer :-)

13th Jul 2002, 15:16

Re the poor Peugeots!! I Have 2 Peugeot 306's Turbo Diesels one a 95 on an N Plate the other a 2001 on a Y Plate (HDI Diesel), the N Reg has done 205,000 miles and is still on the same engine and returns very good fuel economy of around 45-50MPG, the only things that have gone wrong with it in the 4 years I have had it are Worn bushes on the suspension and the usual tyres and brakes, it is even on the Original exhaust! The other 306 is still under Warranty and had to go in for a fault on the air con a couple of weeks ago, the dealer was very helpful and knowledgeable, keeping me in touch with what was going on with the car whilst it was with them. so you see not everyone has a bad one, I could mention a few bad cars like all of the VAUXHALL Range!! (I am a fleet manager) and would not have another Vauxhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal near my fleet!! spent more time in the garage than on the road (and that is no word of a lie!!) so think twice before buying one!!

30th Mar 2004, 03:49

I agree the old Peugeot's are lethal. Had a suspension bolt snap on mine causing the wheel to fall back into the wheel arch at speed. This car is full to the brim of defects. The only thing keeping the 205 GTI as being reasonably good is over exaggerating enthusiastic owners in my experience.

11th Nov 2004, 09:24

I have had my Peugeot for over three years now and must admit that the following problem has been intermittent, however!!! it is a lethal problem.

At high speeds my car can decide, seemingly on its own, that it doesn't want to slow down or alternatively that when I need it to accelerate, e. g to cross a dual carriage way or roundabout, that it doesn't want to do anything, but dawdle (under 5mph).

A Peugeot dealership told me that as the problem was not showing during diagnostics, they'd know there was definitely something wrong with it when I had an accident. well lets hope it isn't fatal!