7th Mar 2004, 17:29

To the avove comment.

You Sir are a fool, how can an accident at any speed be fatal? At high speeds yes, if an accident is fatal in a Pug 180 then I would bet my mortgage that it would be the same in your big heavy and slow Vw. Unless you buy a tank you are as likely to be hurt seriously in almost any car at high speeds.

With regards to the review, i feel a bit sorry for Pug 180 owners. It was a nice try, but this car comes last in every single magazine and reviewers review. Its beaten now from every angle by all the so called hot hatches under 20k.Mini cooper s, Honda civic type r, Focus st 170,Leon Cupra and the new king on the block Renaults Clio 182.Not a Vw in site, but that's no suprise as they have been missing the mark for years and years now.

It's a shame really that the company that brought us the classic 205 gti then later the respectable 106 gti fell so short in its attempts with the 180.Still I'm sure you love your car and that's whats important.

2nd Apr 2004, 14:26

Bigger respect to Renault in that case then. The Clio 182 has won EVERY group test, Evo, Car, Auto express and Auto car. Evo quotes it as the best hot hatch ever and Auto express actually tested one as opposed to manufacturers figures and it came in at 6.3 seconds 0-60.

You could say it's a load of old bull, but they all put it on top of the pile.. and its over 1500 quid cheaper than the Honda, and with a much higher spec.

10th Apr 2004, 00:20

Get a Williams Clio (if you can find one) - and trouser the £££. Still unbeaten. Pug don't make the greats like they used to (205 GTi, 306 GTi/Rallye, 106 GTi/Rallye). Good to see Renault on form, as ever, with the 182.

28th Oct 2004, 06:14

I had a standard 206 GTi for 2 years and took the 180 for a test drive in 2003. My first impressions were that it did not appear to be that much faster, or better handling than the standard car, so did not buy one.

However, I could not walk past one without staring at it, and went for a longer drive around some twisty roads earlier this year.

I have now had a 180 for 8 months and think it is phenomenal. The only problem I have, is that whenever someone sees the size of the exhausts, they always feel that they have to overtake me.

As for reviews and it coming last, I would not fall into the trap of believing everything these press people write. It was not long ago (before the 180 existed) that some magazine voted the standard GTi as the best GTi in history. That same magazine does not give it a mention now.

5th Dec 2004, 13:08

I have a 180 GTI and at first was a little frustrated. My previous cars included a 205 1.9 GTI and a 106 GTI both of which were awesome. The 206 felt lofty and a little slow. However after a weeks driving something amazing happens:

1. You finally discover the right seat position, as far down as possible in my case.

2. You discover how to use the gears properly. If you going 30 2nd gear will not do, you have to go down to first. Indeed when applying the throttle shift down a gear less than you expect and the car will propel forward at an alarming rate.

Test driving a 180 can be a real let down. However you have to learn how to drive the car, then it will reward you in spades. And devastate a Clio 182 or Honda.

8th Dec 2004, 06:11

I had to respond, I have a new 180 and "for a car" it is incredible. to respond to Mr "tacky Seat" above, what does he look like in a car that looks like a shopping trolley with spoilers.

As for speed, he may have the edge on my 180, however he, as many car drivers do, falls into the trap of thinking their car is fast. Cars are not quick, they are pathetic. My Suzuki GSXR would reach 140 before Mr Tacky had got to 60. If he wants to be a man, tell him to get a life and buy a motorbike. he will never think his car is fast again!!! Tony (Grantham Lincs)

29th Jan 2005, 06:48

OK, there's no way could I ignore these without saying something. The 206 GTi 180 may not be revolutionary, but it's still a great car. It was used as one of the many super cars in 2 Fast 2 Furious... which had some of the world's motor experts overseeing which cars made it in.

As for an awkward driving position... I would definitely agree that once you adjust the seat perfectly, there should never be a problem. Uncomfortable seats??? Since when have bucket seats been uncomfortable? That's what they are, your standard bucket seats... which I find very comfortable.

The gearbox is close set, and a test drive isn't enough. You need to really learn this car in order to drive it to its potential.

My only complaint is the slightly harsh suspension, and it can be hard to control on the pedals (steering's excellent however), but that is only initially until you settle with the car.

As of now my friends are envious. It matches my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution as far as I'm concerned. And it certainly has impressed a few young ladies in its time!! Hehe.

The alloys do come out further than tires though.. which led me to curb one of them when tired... but that's something that's always gonna happen, but I intend to replace them with BBS alloys later this year.

If you like the style of the car and want one... then I see no reason why people shouldn't buy it. It's an altogether great car, that only a real veteran street racer could criticise.

However, it's all opinions, and people are entitled to their own.

31st May 2005, 14:36

The 180 GTI is the best, anyone says otherwise is just jealous. I've had one 4 months and wouldn't part with it.

19th Jun 2005, 15:57

Why would anyone who has spent more or about the same be jelous of a 180 FFS!!! People that make these comments could have one if they wanted so its not jelousy.

It still comes last in every review for a reason, because the others leave it behind in every test. I don`t believe everything I read, but its not a conspiricy, they all rate it down the pecking order for a reason, that's its place.

It`s supposed to be a "Hot hatch" which is all about performance and handling, if you want good residuals and quality interiors buy a Cooper S for Christs sake!!!

If you want a car to out perform and out handle the 180 then get the proper Bo of Hot hatches... the Clio 182.

The 180 is NOT the best by a long way, apart from the Clio there are many others better.

180 owners have every right to justify their purchase, they spent silly amounts buying a car that's nowhere near best in its class so that's exactly what they are doing... justifying it...i pity the poor loves!