25th Jan 2007, 05:56

I love the 206 GTI180, it's been the best car to drive out of all the peugeots I've owned. I've owned a 205 GTI, which I also loved and it was a classic and a 206 GTI which was very disappointing in comparison to the 205, but the 180 beats them both hands down.

It has lots of poor points definitely I would agree, but only in regards to the quality of the parts, I have had untold issues with stupid things like sensors, mirrors, speakers and the latest issue with the exhaust, which is blowing at 26K and apparently will cost me in the region of £800 to sort out, so if anyone out there has had the same issue, I would like to hear about it.

Anyway enough dissing the 180 - Golfs are expensive pieces of crap, look at what has to be done to the engine to get it to shift.. it's soooo heavy it has to have a 3 ltr engine or a turbo.

Honda, yeah quick, don't really have anything bad to say about this one.

Mini, nice looking car, but very slow and they are BMW's at the end of the day.

Audi A3 or TT, well don't even get me started, another pair of expensive pieces of crap, which have to have large engines or Turbos in them to achieve the same results as the Peugeots 180...

But each to their own, at least the Peugeot Drivers don't think they own the road like the VWs, BMW's etc...

26th Jan 2007, 03:03

The above comments make me laugh!

Please tell me what GTi or Hot-hatch does'nt have problems?

Ford/ VW / Citreon and the rest of them all have problems with their Hot-hatches along the way!

I'm a big fan of Peugeot GTi's owning 2 of them, but the guy who say's his 180 is better than the 205 please get a grip my friend!!

The 205 is the bench mark for car makers, with only the MK1 Golf GTi being close to it (it did start off the whole genre).

The 206 180 is fast, but the thrill of the 205 GTi is so great, that I will never sell it, even though I have been offered nearly 3k for it!!

The 206 GTi is in my opinion is not a bad GTi, but it was trying to replace the best there was and I'm afraid the 180 will end up as an bad GTi, when really it is a good car, but then trying to replace perfection is never going to easy.

10th Mar 2007, 17:38

I've read lots on all the hot hatches and it seems the 180 is under-rated. I chose the 180 over CTR and the Clio and I think you pay your money then take your choice. Also you don't hear many complaints from 180 owners when they know how to drive it.

26th Apr 2007, 13:23

I have a 206 gti 1999 I love it, but I am going to buy a new car never going to sell this one it's a part of me. it dose any thing I ask never let me down and left almost everything that has stood upto it. I like the 207 gt anyone had a go in one.

1st May 2007, 02:00

Who care's about the CTR? One of my friends has an 180 and he loves it to bits! At the end of the day, you don't find many owners on this site complaining about the car! It's a very under rated car that will be a high performance bargain in year's to come, just like all the other Peugeots GTi's!

I would like to get one, but the insurance is still a bit to steep at the mo, so I will happily carry on driving my 106 Gti.

18th Jun 2007, 05:55

I thing that the 206 180 is a very underrated car. The 206 180 is a very good value for money, and mind you I am more of a Toyota fan. This pug, apart from having good performance on the road, also has the nicest body shape (aggressive), but at the same time is stylish (typical french style - perfect). I simply love it.

For me, it is the best value for money in its range.

8th Aug 2007, 04:22

Very underrated car IMO.

Some comments are laughable on here some are not so.

I'm 19 and have had mine since March 2007;

I find it very enjoyable to drive. Looks nice also Suprised both Civc Type R's & Clio 182's owners on several occasions.

People make out that its a lot slower than the Civic, but I've found it a little slower than the Civic depending on drivers and against the Clio it comes down to drivers/weather/road conditions.

The car is cheap especially now, great to look at, nice interior with lots of mod cons, Climate control, rain sensitive wipers, autolights, ESP, CD autochanger as standard.

Leather and suede bucket style seats.. a computer that tells you how much fuel left etc etc. Its got a 'Pretty' engine bay, Nice alloys as standard with good tires. & well made despite others views nothing clonks in mine & nothings broken. Yet.

It is also very punchy when it needs to be. & Has 6 airbags and feels slightly grown up yet is a kid at a flick of a switch.

I'll say it again; Very underated.

IMO you pay for what you get. Value for money wise why bother with the Civic? More money, less stuff & build quality isn't much better if at all I found; my uncle owns one. Sure they hold their value & the 206 doesn't as much.

I agree with a comment that it will be a very cheap hot hatch in a couple of years time, offering lots for your £.

If you own a 180 then your views are valued, but for people who test drove one for 5 minutes (not literally); what's the point in commenting.

I have more than justified my purchase.

Would I buy one again? Yes.

Hope this helps if you are thinking of buying one.

Jamie from London.

16th Nov 2007, 03:26

206 GTi 180 is a nice car. People who complain about the seats and the driving positions (not having enough space etc) well means that either your quite "big" or tall? Afterall the car does suit people who are of smaller stature, I'm only 170cm and I fit the car like a hand fits a glove. As for power, I guess its not AS powerful... well who needs power when you're not even drag racing or can't even speed especially when theres cops all around these days. Handling is what really matters for urban everyday driving.

4th Aug 2008, 06:30

I love my Pug 180. Most people slagging them of don't own one. It never lets me down and I have had mine 2 years. It's a 2004 with 40000 on clock, and I'm 33 and don't own a baseball cap.


Dublin, Ireland.

7th Aug 2008, 09:46

I have to respond to some of the comments on here.

I bought an immaculate black 2000 206gti with 55k on it for £2,700 in May this year, after a nice lady in a BMW wrote off my beloved 106 zest2. I personally think that's a bargain. I've had no issues with the car since then, apart from one problem with the central locking (replaced servo, £100 - come on, it is 8 years old now!), and a new back box, which is run-of-mill stuff really. Mechanically, it hasn't skipped a beat, always getting me from A-B in a thoroughly entertaining manner. I love it.

Like a lot of people say, you do need to get acquainted with the car to get the most out of it, e.g. heel and toe can be tricky because of the brake sensitivity - but it's not so much of an issue when you're really stamping on them! And the throttle seems very sensitive at first, but you soon get very used to it all.

The car has huge grunt, massive amounts of grip and is very, very pretty. If these things are important to you in a motor, then I see no reason why you wouldn't at least consider one. As has been noted before, it's a very underrated car.

For those people who reel off endless 0-60 times - how much real world difference is 0.5s going to make? And who spends all their time when they're driving red-lining to 60 anyway? I find it all a bit silly really.

I bought my car because I like the feeling of driving fast and going round corners swiftly - my car lets me do that, and I really couldn't give a flying **** what the next guy along is driving to be perfectly honest.

To all those who own gti's and who have posted on here, nice one, cheers for giving us all the benefit of your experience and making the world a more informed place. To all those who came on here just to diss the gti based on really quite insignificant real-world differences, well, what actually is your point.?