25th Apr 2001, 10:54

I have never owned a Datsun (Nissan) but to compare it to the manufacture of the Peugeot makes no sense. Nissan make far better built and relible cars than BMW - check the surveys.

17th Aug 2001, 05:52

You've been unlucky. A guy at work runs a 96 N 8 valve XSi which has been absolutely caned for 125,000 miles, and still drives brilliantly. It has only needed routine servicing, a radiator and an exhaust manifold. It's even still on the original clutch!

The only thing that gives the mileage away is the knackered drivers seat.

24th Oct 2001, 06:42

I agree!!! I bought a 1998 XSi when it was less that 2 years old - here is what has gone wrong in the time I've had it.

1) Air con condenser and pipes costing £500 odd

2) Accelerator linkage jammed - replaced

3) Electric window mechanism broke - replaced

4) Alarm has a mind of its own - too expensive to replace!

5) Automatic windscreen wipers erratic to say the least.

6) Exhaust- how much???

I will never buy another Peugeot.

18th Dec 2001, 08:45

I used to have a Nissan - then I bought a "Quality European" Peugeot 306...

I should have kept the Nissan.

I agree with your opinion that a 306 is a crap car - my partner has a 205 which is equally crap - so its obviously the marque, not the model!

11th Jan 2002, 14:50

Pugs really seem to vary. My '98 306 GLX is a dog, and seems to have something new go wrong every week. As does a friend's S16. However two other friends have 306's (one XSi and another GLX) both of which have been faultless. We also have a 106 that has racked up 86k and is reliable as the seasons.

Luck of the draw I reckon.

4th Dec 2002, 07:05

You used to own an M3 but you sold it to buy a 306, and you're moaning about the problems?! What did you expect?!!

I also own a 306 (a 2000 registered XSI) and it's had a few faults, but nothing that the garage hasn't fixed under warranty.

Moral...If you buy French, don't moan about it rattling!