20th Jan 2003, 10:44

I have just bought a 306 HDI Dturbo a couple of weeks ago and I must say I'm mighty impressed. I may be a bit over enthusiastic as my last car was 405 therefore I've never had anything that's had a bit of a kick.

First impressions are great looks, superb kick from the turbo, but most of all the handling for me has been the most impressive aspect. I have been searching about on the Internet for any other owners of this car who may have posted any comments and came across this helpful site.

I will keep checking back here for anyone else who has posted any comments about this car and who may know and have more experience about it than me.



30th Nov 2003, 08:44

I have recently just upgraded from a 306 D Turbo to the newer 2.0 HDI D Turbo. I find with all D Turbos although they grip the road well around corners you can feel every lump and bump through the steering wheel.

Can't fault the performance though pick up is good, pulls all the way through the gears and is as quick as all its hot hatch rivals.

Overall, looks great and drives great!


29th Jan 2005, 14:45

I've recently bought a peugeot 306 HDI d Turbo, can't fault the car so far! I'm wondering if any one can help I'm looking for a service and repair manual for x-reg (2000) 2.0. can't seem to find one any where. If any one knows where I can get one can you let me know Richard_Galea83@hotmail.com. Does any one know how to reset the service light?

3rd Dec 2006, 04:20

'its only broken down nine times which by Peugeot standards is pretty good!'

Quality comment!!...but very true.

24th Jan 2007, 11:49

I got an ECU remap for under £200 (done via car's diagnostic port so no visible difference to the car) for my HDi D-Turbo 90bhp. I can't recommend this enough. In terms of the car being a match for GTi's I'd say it wasn't really before tuning, but is now.

Peugeot 2.0 HDi 90PS Tuning Specifications:

Standard Power =90bhp

Optimized Power =120bhp.

Standard Torque =205Nm

Optimized Torque =260Nm.

This made all the difference. I thoroughly recommend it - and it's a £300 saving on a Superchip. To compare 0-60 times with this car misses the point as it's the in-gear acceleration that makes it special (especially after it's been tuned!). The issue with the 0-60 times is that 1st gear in this car is rubbish (not a unique problem for a diesel). I did try a 0-60 (about 12 seconds), and after having it tuned it managed it in 10 seconds - but this was on a very wet road and slightly uphill, so I expect it would be able to get under 10 seconds in good conditions. I've fitted a K&N air filter element for about £40, and tightening some slack in the accelerator cable also made a difference to it's responsiveness. Tightening the cable (if necessary) is very easily done - it's right there under the bonnet.

I agree with the comments about the older 1.9TD's though - although they're actually slower than the 2.0HDi's they feel faster because the way the turbo kicks in is more pronounced. On the HDi's it's smoother (but less fun). The older models also had a better lift-off oversteer effect - you could easily adjust the direction you were pointing mid-bend by subtle adjustment of the throttle, but they seem to have engineered this out with the newer ones in favour of more understeer which is a shame.

20th Mar 2007, 08:44

I own a 306 1.9DT 3dr just standard at moment had all new sub-frame bushes to stop that knocking sound, New water pump full service, want full stainless, but goto admit as standard it is a little pocket rocket, I own a 307 Hdi, but ultimately prefer the 306 DT. any ideas how much this derv doctor costs?

16th Aug 2007, 15:05

I have a D Turbo and am wondering if any one knows of any places round Glasgow, and how long does it take?



22nd Mar 2008, 09:20

To the poster above ^

Do you mind me asking how much money you spent at the derv doctor to get that kind of performance/power?

I'm thinking of selling my current car because it likes a drink too much (super unleaded as well!), I fancy a 306 D turbo but only if I can get some kind of poke out of it whilst still getting 35+ mpg!

11th Sep 2008, 05:00

I own a phase 1 D turbo, and have been driving it daily for the last year and a half with no problems, does good on fuel, the power isn't overly bad for a diesel, and I've fitted coilovers which improved the already good handling by a great deal, wicked cars!