10th Dec 2002, 16:48

On HDi models, as well as most "non sporting" variants, the gauge in the rev counter is a simple oil level indicator which shows the oil level on the dipstick when the ignition is first switched on. Once the engine has been running for about 5 seconds, the gauge returns to the "off" position and performs no further function.

On the XSi, GTi-6 and Rallye models, this gauge has two functions. It reads the oil level as before, but once the engine is running, it becomes either an oil pressure or oil temperature gauge depending on model and year.

As for driving pleasure, I still believe the 306 can hand out a beating to anything in its class. Even the Focus can't match the 306 for sheer fun and agility on a twisty road, and the Golf and Astra feel positively prehistoric in comparison. If you liked the 405, you'll love the 306!! They're not always the most durable of cars though, so buy carefully and get a good warranty! Get a good one, and you'll see 150,000 miles without any major problems. Buy a bad one, and you'll be lucky to see 15 miles between breakdowns! Hell of a car though.

9th May 2003, 07:42

Great cars, I have had 2 of them so far. First one was a 1995 DT superb car owned it for 2 years it cost me a total of £560 quid not bad for 2 years motoring, Got an HDi now and its awesome, OK so not that quick, but 4th gear from 40-90 you can take almost anything on. Very good car. They don't come with trip computers at all and the gage is for oil level when car is in ignition stage one. Not sure about 700+ miles per tank, but I get between 550 and 630 depending on how hard I drive it :)

14th Oct 2004, 12:09

Has anyone had any problems with the Auto windscreen wipers on the 306 HDI Meridian, mine work for about 2 minutes then go mad. Peugeot say it depends on the type of rain? Does anyone have any idea how I can over ride them.

Also my ECU (Engine Control Unit) went at 50,000 miles has anyone else had this problem on the HDI. I had the car chipped to 115 BHP at 10,000 miles, could this have caused the ECU to go.

4th Jul 2005, 05:26

Chipping could theoretically cause ECU problems as it reprograms (or replaces, depending on type) the main processor on the ECU's board. I've heard of mechanical failures caused by chipping (if 115bhp was that easy to achieve reliably, Peugeot would have offered it at the factory and made a nice £2k mark up on it) but never ECU problems.

Most chips come with a warranty to protect against this kind of thing, so talk to them.

24th Jul 2005, 18:28

In relation to the ECU failure and V reg 306 Hdi, following a 2 mile sprint in 5th at near max revs my engine died, Orange dash light; ignition key unable to turn engine over. Coasted down to garage forecourt using handbrake, (no brake servo). Garage diagnosed ECU failure. I Lifted plastic engine cover and noticed a couple of puddles of diesel in cylinder head recesses below weeping high pressure fuel unions. Tightened these up, restarted engine, dash warning light remained on for 15 miles before going out. No problems for past 20000 miles.

I also have wiper problem with it not self cancelling at correct end of travel position when switching off or wash/wipe mode.

7th Jun 2011, 13:36

The same thing happened to me last night. After booting it for a few miles, full throttle apart from the weeping diesel, but now the starter motor won't work. I had to bump it to get it home.

Do you think it's the starter motor or something wrong with the computer?