28th Mar 2004, 11:25

Well now I have yet another problem. When the engine has been running up to warm, if I stop and leave it for about 15-40 minutes it will either not start at all, if it does start then it will chug and either stall soon after or rev up to about 3000-4000rpm on its own. It looses power and this will last from anywhere to 2-5 minutes (usually longer if I am in Sainsbury's and it really wants to embarrass me!!!) The quick fix option will cost £80.00 but the problem will be back in 2 months. Otherwise £200.00 for a piece of plastic that might not fix the problem at all!! What do I do? Damn cheap Peugeot!

19th Sep 2004, 08:59

I had the £200 option and although I don't drive this car anymore got myself a solid BMW... anyway I had the car back for a week and it did this strange revving, spluttering thing again..

Whats the point...

5th Jun 2005, 10:29

Hi mate, just reading your comments about your bad episode with the peugeot 306 meridian!! I take it that it is the 1999 version?

I intend to get it as my 1st car, having learned to drive in a VW Polo (96) and Vauxhall Astra (04) - my main draw to this car is the equipment/style/accessories you get for the money, and that's it.

Any idea how often the clutch/geaarbox might need replacing? THat tends to be one of the most expensive repairs needed, and I also see that you were faced with other repairs?

PS my dad had various cars in his lifetime, and for low-mid budget versions, he has always favoured japanese cars - his current corolla has NEVER needed a major service (nor minor services for that matter, only one oil change in 2 years at MOT appointments!!) for the past EIGHT years that he has owned it! Let alone these small services you mentioned. But the main reason I can't get a corolla is because the insurance is ROCKET high for me (being a new-young driver).