17th Feb 2005, 05:51

I'd like to add to my original post - as well as all the above, when I came to sell the car a whole load of accident damage respray work was discovered - wasn't spotted by the 'professional' car inspection I paid for (won't nAAme them), however I'll get no comeback from them as they have liability indemnity. And as the car has depreciated like a rocket in reverse anyway, and dealers everywhere are overflowing with second hand stock, I sold the thing for peanuts. All in all a thoroughly miserable financial experience. I'm seriously considering having the word SUCKER tattooed on my forehead.

26th May 2006, 10:50

I've had my 1.8 GLX for over a year and there was 99,000 miles on the clock. I'm a student and make a weekly round trip of 256 miles from uni to home. This car has been brilliant and has only ever not started once and that was due to snow been piled on the car and causing damp under the bonnet, and even then it only needed a jump start. I've now got 108,777 miles on the clock and the car recently had a service and MOT which it passed with flying colours. The rear brake pads are due to be renewed soon, but besides that the car is working perfectly. I love driving this car, it's the ideal hatchback. It's sound and sturdy and looks pretty sporty inside and out. I've fitted my own cd player, aftermarket speakers and all the electrics are fine. If I had to say anything negative about this car it would be that the front interior light doesn't work when the doors are opened. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants a medium sized car with umph to buy a 306.

15th Feb 2008, 07:43

The comments about serious rust are interesting. I found the boot was a bit damp in my '97 306. Turns out the inner wing had completely rotted through at the top of the nearside rear wheel arch. The seat belt mounting is completely rotten and after some gentle prodding, there's now a HUGE hole. I think this is fit only for scrap. What's more, this car sailed through it's last MOT; very dangerous and shocking for a car of this age.

26th Jun 2009, 15:48

I have a R reg 1.6 Peugeot 306 GLX. I have problems from the time I had in that we were unaware that it had a bent MOT, therefore problems gradually occurred. It revs up by itself and jerks about a lot when driving without pressing the accelerator. It will start if it is the first time in morning, but if were to turn it off and then get straight back in, it won't start for at least 20 minutes of being left. Also if you do get it to tick over before leaving it, the revs will go as high as 4000 revs and will not drop.

Spoke to many mechanics, and they have suggested that it could be the idle control valve, so replaced that but no change. Then the breakdown man said it was the crank sensors, so replaced that and still no change. It is so annoying as it's just money going down drain, and the problem is getting worse. Could is be the choke sticking on?

Any suggestions of someone having resolved a similar problem?

9th Jul 2009, 07:12

Hey peeps, I've got the exact same problem with my 1.4L. I've just bought a £60 new idle speed control valve. When installed it revs to 4,000, so I put the old one back on, waited till it settled down, then unplugged it. It works fine until it's cold and it won't start. It's such an annoying problem. I just want to sell mine and get a d turbo...

I'm gonna check the manifold sensors, purge control valve and the choke.. it seems that everyone's got a million ideas to fix it, but nothing works, it's just wasted money...

It's a brilliant car otherwise, just a shame Peugeot never spotted this problem!!!

26th Oct 2009, 04:11

I have now sorted his problem with my car being the GLX Peugeot 306 (2 comments up). After trying many things, I found it to be the water temperature management switch. I have changed it and it idles very well and runs better.

13th May 2010, 15:50

I too have discovered exactly the same problem on a late 1998 model.

6th Aug 2010, 17:35

If I add a tiny bit of petrol with my diesel, will it clean the diesel pump??

13th Sep 2010, 10:45

Got a Peugeot (at last!). It's really interesting reading all the comments.

It is indeed a cracking car and it's such a shame that poor "experts" are wholly the reason why the cars get in bad condition.

For example I just got a '98 1.9 GLX TD, but with this one, and it's not totally bragging rights here, is in as new a condition as a 2007 Peugeot 206. I mean underside, inside, outside. It's gleaming! For a car that's done 120,000 miles, I'm totally gob smacked on the overall performance and condition. As always it's got a couple things to do, again down to the previous owner. Proof that being a Sunday afternoon car cleaning analyst is what will keep the cars we have as good as new! :)

Sorry if it seems like a rant, but I felt as everyone else gives their opinions about what they think about the car, I thought I'd stand on the car's side of the fence and give opinions as to why they are how they are! :)

31st Dec 2010, 10:13

Don't agree with the Sunday wash keeps the car in good condition thing!! As I am one of those (usually), but have noticed today 31/12/10 the drivers side sill is f%6@@*g rotten. I can clearly see it's worked its way up from a stone chip on the underside fin bit over the last 5 years, as it's a 55 plate - got it in 2007, and generally has been OK til the last year (2010), having needing an ignition coil pack due to it losing out power for a split second (like jerking) usually only in second gear? Was like that for a year before it totally went, and I realised that's what was wrong. And the welding!!! Yes welding on a 5 year old car? WTF, not happy!!! But apart from this, it's not needed anything else but tyres and brake pads.