6th Jun 2003, 10:57

307 HDi 90 5 door, new 27/09/01 - a car that appealed to me, comfortable and excellent to drive, my first diesel, but from 6 months old, well, I'll just list the faults -

*Boot lock sticking - maximum 58 attempts to get into boot, repaired by garage,

*Boot lock problem again - replacement lock fitted by garage,

*Knocking from front end - garage said it was the exhaust hitting the chassis,

*Recall regarding steering column air bag,

*Carpet bust at drivers floor to gear lever tunnel - replaced by garage,

*Spoiler detached from hatch - garage repair,

*Knocking from front end - no fault found according to garage,

*Replaced 2 front tyres after 14000 mls (I have managed 25 - 28000 with all my other cars),

*Knocking from front end getting worse - garage reported that 2 ball joints had excessive play and link rods were required. Replaced under warranty,

*Since these were fitted a progressively worsening vibration through the steering column has developed under braking conditions - at times making it difficult to hold the steering wheel. Cause according to the garage is twisted brake discs. My mileage is presently 19200 mls.

I'm currently in discussion with Peugeot for a repair, but I'm not holding my breath.

A further spanner in the works, excuse the pun, is the dealership has been transferred from Abercromby to Hardies, the latter being very helpful.

Good luck to anyone who buys a 307 - I've maybe just got the Monday morning model, but as much as I like the car I think I'll be looking at Mazda (my 323 ran for 4 years without a bit of trouble), Toyota or Nissan.

P.S. - I'm 54, clean driving license since 1968 and wouldn't call myself a boy racer.

23rd Jun 2003, 06:59

Update from the 28th May. It now appears that our back axle's alignment is miles out! The garage is going to put it right by means of some special tool from Peugeot otherwise it'll be a complete new axle! No wonder the tyres were worn out after 14000 miles! Also the front wheels have been adjusted! This means that I may get a few more miles out of them as well. I think they may make the 15000 mile mark...

I'll keep you updated!

7th Jul 2003, 05:54

I've been smiling for more than a year and 45.000km.

It's a HDI 110Hp, XS with FAP filters and everything in comfort and styling. Even with H&R suspension kit it is still nice to drive.

No problems at all, absolutely poetry. I'm quite a happy man, and it was a good day when my old VW Polo 96' died in a car crash.


24th Jul 2003, 03:12

Update from the 23rd June. We have had the back axle re-fixed with some special tool from Peugeot and the whole alignment tested. It's still 'out of the margins' and we are now going to get a new back axle fitted in August. I'll keep you posted.


19th Sep 2003, 08:07

Update from 24th July.

Car has now had rear axle replaced and the latest test shows that all is within the proper margins!

Peugeot is going to pay for 50% of the rear tyres.


21st Mar 2008, 18:34

Hi, I have had several 306, 307's. My most recent 307 estate, not yet 2 years old, top of the range with all the trimmings went on fire on Wed 19 March 08. No warning signs. I had parked the car to complete my shopping for about one hour. I loaded the car and set off, drove about 200yards when I could smell plastic burning. The next thing I saw was flames behind the heating vents. The fire brigade and police arrived quickly but not quick enough to save the car. Has anyone else heard of such incidents? Thanking You, Ellie.

6th Oct 2008, 05:09

We bought a 307 in 2002 (new) we put up with ill fitting carpets, damaged door outer trim and door seals that simply fell apart. We noted a serious problem with the com 2000 (indicator assemble) at 38000km which instead of self cancelling after a right hand turn, indicates a left hand turn. Very dangerous, we have spoken to France and the local agents all of whom don't want to know. We too are noticing problems with the electrics. The electronic displays turn off in the middle of a journey, the air con runs hot and cold. All up we are very disappointed with this vehicle and would never buy another Peugeot ever. We consider that this vehicle should have been recalled by the manufacturers back in 2002 as they knew about the com 2000 problems.


3rd Aug 2009, 16:10

We have had 9 Peugeots over some 30 years and have been very happy with them - 2 were brand new.

Our 307 was only 5 years old and had 32k on the clock. Having gone 3 miles for a bit of shopping my wife was returning home when smoke appeared from under the bonnet. She was able to get the car off the A road but then the steering went.

At that point she left the car - with her shopping - when it was engulfed in flame. The fire brigade was slow in coming, but when the black smoke cleared and the flames were out there was not much left.

Peugeot, needless to say, reverted to the usual back pedalling and admit nothing. In denial, again!!

11th Aug 2009, 16:53

Hi, I have 2004 1.6 HDi 110BHP 307. I enjoy driving it, my first diesel.

I have had the car under 2 years and have just had to replace the turbo at £1200, which fortunately was completed under warranty.

The car just stopped accelerating, no engine management lights even though I drove around (slowly) for 3 weeks.

Have replaced both rear hub bearings and have suffered the violent wheel vibrations at anything over 70mph, the wobble now starting slightly at 50mph. I have just been told this is the drive shaft so more work to follow. All this at 45000 miles?

I have received the recall notice for something to do with the ABS sensor. I am loathe to put my car into the dealer to have this fixed, so have not done so. Am I risking a fire?

I would not buy another Peugeot again, even though it is very comfortable to drive and pulls great up hills etc. I will be sticking with Japanese cars from now on. Shame Peugeot, you nearly had a really good car!!