15th May 2003, 11:31

Do you know what the adjustment is? They did adjust the steering rack dampener - but that just stiffened the steering and masked the problem!

2nd Jun 2003, 05:10

I have a 307SW 2.0 petrol for about 1 month now, and I have also detected a clicking noise from the clutch pedal. First of all, it is a silent "click" sound and does not seem to be something critical. It appears only while releasing the pedal, almost at the point of total release, always sounds the same, at the same pedal position, and it is regardless of motor is running or not.

I have considered it as too minor fault to be reported (or to refined for a regular mechanic), so I have tried to fix it by myself last weekend. Since there are a lot of plastic parts, for which I have suspected may be the source of clicking noise, I have applied a special lubricant for plastic at several points of friction. Unfortunately it did not help.

The only part I have not managed to check yet is the clutch piston or it's fixing point to the clutch-pedal.

I am sure it is something trivial, also not relevant for a proper clutch operation, but now it makes me crazy how come I did not managed to fix it.

If you are very dedicated to perfection, your problem is probably about the same as I have. Otherwise, it may be something more serious and you should report it before 6000 expires.

6th Jun 2003, 06:08

With respect to the electrical faults - It's exactly the same as what was delivered by the dealer. I also had the software upgraded many times, but it never resolved the problem what-so-ever.

In relation to the clicking clutch - It is at the point of release, and again it's so minor, although annoying, that I'll wait until the 6K service for them to do something about it.

15th Jun 2003, 14:40

I bought a new 307 Rapier petrol last September and have had no problems. The only gripe I have is the high engine revs in 5th gear. I do think that 60mph at 3000 revs is rather excessive. It feels as if the gearing or differential are incorrect. Does anyone else think this.


30th Aug 2003, 23:00

I bought a new 307 2.0 litre in 2002. It has just completed 9,000 km. In this time I have had three sets of brake discs fitted and it is now due for a fourth set. The problem symtoms are the steering wheel shudders when I apply the break at approximately 80km /hr.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with a 307?

7th Nov 2003, 10:43

The clutch clicks because there is a switch on it, my dealer intimated something about it cutting the engine out if the car is revved constantly with the clutch down. The switch is right up in the dash area.

29th Jan 2004, 05:57

I have owned my 307 Estate for six months and have covered approx. 13,000 miles, my first remark is "that it is the worst Peugeot I have driven". The 1.6 engine is totally underpowered for the car. The build quality is very poor rattles knocks and badly fitted carpets makes the whole experience of owning this vehicle a misery.

The problems I have encountered are:

Noise rear brakes.

A low level mechanical rattle, emanating from the drivers side of the engine.

Poor visibility from the drivers window in poor weather conditions, the windscreen wipers only clean 90% of the window leaving a 10" wide blind spot.

Has anyone had these problems with this car and is there a solution before I return it to Peugeot for a major service with a hit list attached.

Derek Bell.

5th Oct 2004, 05:06

The low level noise coming from the driver's side is apparently to do with the air conditioning unit, or that's at least what I've been told. It's the same on all the 307's.


30th Mar 2005, 16:04

I purchased my 307 Rapier 1.6 at three years old. The only problem I have is scraping brakes when coming to a stop and a tendency to pull to the left on long runs. I previously owned a 406 2.00 cc and had non of these problems.

2nd Nov 2007, 12:22

Thanks for the comment about the Brake Clicking noise, This one really got me going after noticing it, but I thought that it sounded like a switch.

I own a Peugeot 307cc, and love it apart from the car earning me the nickname "Tony & Guy", being as I am male & it's really classed where I work as a "Hairdressers car".

Good fuel economy, general build and apart from a few minor quirks, a good runaround, performance is OK, considering the weight involved in the roof moving motors etc.

(Since having four new tyre's fitted, I also get a slight tremor at the wheel at 70mph or so, despite having the wheels re-balanced, might check this out to see if I can get it fixed in the near future!

10th Apr 2008, 15:30

Hi I have a petrol smell coming into the inside of the car when I'm driving my 307 16cc. Has any one come across this?