2003 Peugeot 307 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Would be good if it worked


4 new tyres.

Catalytic converter.

Replaced wiper blades.

Exhaust manifold replaced.

Whole exhaust replaced.

Several sensors replaced.

New battery.

Gear box failed.

Key fob broke.

CD player refused to work.

Work needed doing on the suspension.

Steering and brake fluid cylinders needed replacing.

General Comments:

We owned the car for twelve months, and it has caused us no end of problems, and has broken down on several occasions.

When the car was working, it was reasonably comfortable, and is easy enough to drive.

When the warning lights were on, fuel economy seemed to drop. Which is probably to be expected.

The car was in for repair on an almost monthly basis. Easily the most unreliable car we've owned.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2013

2003 Peugeot 307 SW 1.6 from Barbados


Overall, unreliable, and difficult and very expensive to maintain; I would not buy another Peugeot


Transmission fault showed up for a few months, but has now disappeared; transmission will 'slip' and not engage when starting from a stop or from first gear when the engine is hot; when it does, it engages with a violent bump (then it will be fine for a week or so)... You never know when the problem will appear.

The engine seems to run hotter than it should (over 90 degrees C).

A/C has quit twice. I am now purchasing a replacement evaporator from China, as the price from the dealer is ridiculous (40 times higher than the aftermarket unit).

I have replaced the interior roof liner.

Needed to replace the transponder key. The dealer wanted close to USD 700.

General Comments:

When it is running properly (when I bought it), it is a sweet machine, although it's underpowered for its weight. When it is not, it is a money pit. Lots of computerised goodies, which are also fine, until they become problems, whereupon they cost mega $ to repair.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2012

2003 Peugeot 307 1.9 HDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Good as long as Peugeot don't interfere


Air con loom burnt out replaced.

Rear window wiper motor failed. Replaced.

Tail door handle refused to work; cleaned and oiled.

The vehicle was working fine. Peugeot recalled it because they had a problem with water ingression into the ABS block, although this vehicle did not have a problem. After recall, the vehicle was returned to the main dealer 5 times for ABS faults; each time it was claimed that the fault was nothing to do with the recall (how daft do Peugeot think customers are?) 5 separate sensors had to be replaced, and each time the fault returned within 3 miles of collecting the car from the garage. I would never trust a Peugeot main dealer again!!!

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Review Date: 25th August, 2011

2003 Peugeot 307 SW 1.6 from Trinidad and Tobago


A blue lemon


Within the first year.

1. Air conditioning failed at least three times.

- Service department did not find fault.

- Service department replaced blower.

- Service department fixed faulty connector, which solved the problem.

2. Automatic Transmission Fault displayed momentarily on display panel. No fault found.

3. Door rubber disintegrated. Service manager tried to show me how the problem was caused by how I got into car. When I got in and it did not match the theory he had, he simply said that I did not do what most people did, said he was not an engineer, and put on his engineering expert to talk to me. I (being a UK qualified engineer myself) told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of his theory. The service manager in turn decided he would not discuss it with me, but with my wife who was there, and went on to show her that the problem existed in his Peugeot as well.

The outcome - changed the rubber at no cost.

The result - it disintegrated in about six months again.

I spoke with a Customer Service Representative at Peugeot France, since I begun an email trace with them. He assured me that the material was tropicalised, and was not meant for the temperate countries only.

My conclusion, based on the results of my experience and others, was that they probably never even considered it.

Within the next three years, there were a number of things that could go wrong and did go wrong, but the icing on the cake was the transmission:

The transmission started slipping. I had to sometimes rest the car in between my journey for it to work sufficiently well for me to reach my destination (Trinidad is not a very big place).

I, in my layman opinion, suggested to the service people that it may be some overheating problem.

They continued to do whatever they did, charging me of course for their service, but without a permanent solution.

The transmission was still under warranty, and by jove they decided to change it under warranty. I thought my problem was over.

By then, the overheating I thought I had, began to show signs when the temperature gauge started settling at a point higher than what I considered normal. Well these experts flushed the radiator to solve the problem, but within a week I called in with the problem again. The response was that they had no radiator coolant when their service was done, so bring the car to have this rectified. I complied, but as I expected, it did not solve the problem. After numerous checks, I left the vehicle with them for over a month, so that the problem could be resolved. I got the vehicle back eventually with the symptoms (temperature gauge higher than when the vehicle was new), but was assured that the reading was within spec and my problem was resolved.

The next phase - the replaced "new" transmission started displaying the same problems as the old, but by this time the warranty (which started when the car was bought and not when the transmission was replaced) had expired. The result was that the dealers claim was that they were awaiting word from Peugeot France, and would get back to me. After a number of checks, I was advised that I could pay for the transmission to be replaced ($50000 TT dollars) as no response was received from Peugeot.

In the midst of all the problems I was having with this vehicle, I continued emailing Peugeot France. I was eventually asked why I was telling them of my problems since they only acted as a... and they would go back to the specific dealership.

I concluded I was wasting my time, and that this dealership would not milk any further funds from me.

I took the vehicle to a private mechanic in Trinidad, who concluded that the cooling system was inadequate for this area, and that was the main cause of this problem.

I took the decision to replace the engine and transmission with a Nissan product acquired through our foreign used dealership here. This was done, and I have managed to squeeze a further three years life without the same "headaches" that I endured from the original new product.

Mind you, the car has a comfortable ride and some nice features, and it looks really good when it is standing still.

I have lost the nice features, but it takes me from point A to point B.

I have also acquired my next vehicle from... TOYOTA.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2011