31st Jul 2006, 18:08

I agree with these comments. The dealership service is extremely poor and they are unable to perform routine services unless you make appointments months in advance.

My 2003 307 SW with 30000km, suffers from numerous problems including:

Faulty low oil readings

Loose interior trim

Loose door handles

Automatic transmission fault

Horn malfunctions

Side mirror does not open at times

Faulty CD player (too expensive to replace)

Power window lock faulty

Poor suspension/rough ride

19th Sep 2006, 08:48

Location: Mexico

Car: Peugeot 306 Break model 2001 & Peugeot 307 - 2003.

Both cars with transmission problems, Service here is as bad as it can get, they don't have the less idea to correct this problems. I would never buy a Peugeot again.

I will be trying Subaru.

28th Nov 2006, 05:26

I have a 307 - 2003 model and running into the same problems with the transmission! I am constantly having to restart my car due to automatic gear fault! I have taken this issue to the dealer and it looks like I need to have the transmission replace.

Very disappointed with this car and now looking at buying another make.

- ex pug lover.

14th Nov 2008, 12:56

2008 November 28- I bought a 2003 - SW 307 second hand and started having the "automatic gear fault" reading coming up- took back to dealer on 2 occasions July and September and they changed all kinds of things - seals, solenoids, mounts. Worked for about 1.5 months since last visit and "automatic gear fault" is back again - car bucks and undergoes very rough gear change as reading comes up. So I am going to have to take the car back and this would make it 3 times in 5 months for the same problem. Not to mention the cost of the parts which are modular so if a little section goes bad for eg a switch the whole thing has to be replaced! This is not a car for the faint of pocket... Very sad about my peugeot- this will be my first and last.

1st Dec 2008, 23:55

Need some help, in fixing a transmission problem when I shift in drive. I hear a noise like something is loose in the transmission, but the thing is that in reverse it's totally fine, no noise at all... need some help with this problem email me at richiekhan101@hotmail.com... thankful for the help...

16th Dec 2008, 05:24

I simply cannot believe what I read here as I bought my manual Peugeot 307 SW 2.0l 2003 model in 2006 at 64,000km on the clock (now 120,000) from an emigrating chap... and had nothing but pure joy from it!

Even better than my previous BMW 325i, it offers 9.3liters per 100km at my average cruising speed of 140km/h with a load while towing a 5ft trailer on South Africa's open and long roads in comfort, fit for a king, with each and every component working as it should, simply loving the climate control!

Had it in for a major service at 96,000km for cam belt change, costing me US$750, which is low compared to other models in the same class, locally.

My next car is definitely another Pug!

5th Feb 2009, 20:11

I have had my 307 for over 12 months. The car is not too bad and is holding its resale value. In saying that I am looking at getting rid of it because of faults I have had. In the last 3 months I have had the Auto Gears failure and now drive in manual mode to try and solve the problem - Still errors. 1 month ago the 307 decided it didn't want to start anymore. The battery was fine it ended up being a $40 part (electrical) to replace after $500 of time to find it. Was without the car for over a week.

24th Apr 2009, 18:10

1- Hazard warning switch

2- Front LH door jams when trying to open from the inside.

3- Indicating to go right, and as I'm making RH turn the LH indicator comes on

4- Car goes into safe mode for no reason?

5- Pressing the horn on RH side won't work

6- Intermittent fuel problems. Tank, fuel line, fuel pump, fuel housing, fuel filter all replaced within 18 months from new.

7- Rear brake bulbs need regular replacing.

Have a 2003 307sw 2.0 hdi from new, very disappointed with car. Workshop manager refused to recognize constant problems with car. I told him to check the Internet.

18th May 2009, 03:39

My name is Matheos Georgatzis.

I have a Peugeot 307 model 2004! I like this car and its future! In the market there is no other car at this price with this condition of driving feeling!

But the automatic gear box is one of the things that seems to have many problems! I reach 30.000km and the gear box totally gave up! It was a hot summer in Greece after driving for a 600km! The gear seem not to work well, the last 2000km! it change the gear very gruffly! I was lucky because I was in the last month of the guarantee! They changed the gear box! But now the second and after 30.000………… automatic gear fault! I took it to Peugeot and they change only the oil, the gear worked fine until it reaches again 30000 km, then the same problem again! Now I change the oil alone, it work good only for 1000 km! Then I change the oil again and it works for another 1000km! This can no longer go on! The specific oil from Peugeot cost 25 EURO 2 liters! I will bring it to Peugeot again!

My advice is don't buy an automatic gear car from Peugeot, at least no 4automatic gear! I heard the 6 gear automatic is super!

21st Jul 2009, 15:20

Well the truth is we in 'developing regions' get the bum rejects from Europe & US. We are stuck with local dealerships run and owned by local wealthy businessmen who do not care about maintaining brand value, customer service or loyalty.

We are lumped with dud cars, then overcharged for spares which are probably also duds which don't last, locked into full service garages with mechanics who are under-trained, underpaid, don't care and badly managed from the top down.

Sorry go Japanese.

Angry, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

10th Aug 2009, 00:09

I too bought a second hand 2003 Peugeot 307 XT in 2007. It has a Manual and Auto gearbox, which allows you to interchange.

I bought it at 96,000 miles and now it's at 124,000 miles. The first thing to go was the fuel sensor, which regulates fuel to the engine. The previous owner changed this before handover at a bundle he told me.

I also got the car with a warning "Airbag Fault". The Peugeot dealer trained mechanic (I call him expert) said this was a problem with the signal switch, which controlled that airbag and the left indicator. By the way, the left indicator signal comes on after a turn to the right turn is completed and has to be canceled manually.

At 108,000 miles the power steering motor came and went then died. The motor cost 650 Euro approximately to replace.

I got the "Anti pollution Fault" next, which cleared up with some fuel injector cleaning.

Then came the "Automatic Transmission Failure"; whoa this is serious! I panicked though it disappears when the car restarts and reboots. The dealer hooked it up to diagnostics and found nothing. Another diagnostic specialist found nothing. My Peugeot expert drained the transmission fluid and refilled it to the correct level, he said there was an excess. The fault disappeared and then came back three months later on and off. I was also informed BMW X5 Transmission Fluid is also compatible (confirmed by BMW mechanic). I haven't tried that yet though it costs 40 Euro per litre.

My exhaust pan was corroding, so I replaced it with a new free flow pan and tip.

Then came the Anti Pollution Fault again, and this time it stayed!

The last thing to go was the windshield water pump. I can hear it whirr but get no water. Imagine me throwing water on the windshield!

I'm getting rid of it, though I love my Peugeot.