24th May 2005, 09:20

Having recently purchased the 307cc 2lt 180 all I can say is what a fantastic car. I do feel sorry for the poor guy in one of the earlier comments where he has under gone considerable pain with his new one

The drive is smooth and well balanced. Engine noise is so minimal its not worth a mention and the car has style coupled with total sophistication.

It certainly turns heads and provokes lots of interesting questions. At the 180 end it comes with everything apart from cruise control, but hey who wants that when the roof is down sun shining and a gaggle of girlie`s trying to catch your eye. Cruise well that's what the car was made for.

7th Jul 2006, 06:29

Good looking car.

Cannot seat 4 adults unless they are all small adults.

Roof leaks in heavy rain or if you jet wash the car.

SE 180 which I did own (sold it now) was underpowered on pull off, but OK once got out of 1st gear!

Drinks fuel faster than you can put it in.

The plus side is it's a fantastic looking car with tonnes of safety features, and is the best car for those sunny days, it does get people looking at your car!

The drive itself is very nice and smooth!!

15th Aug 2007, 12:16

Please make sure if you have a niggling problem with your electrics ie stop lights coming, on window not responding etc, you do not fobbed off.

I did my car, now just off warranty, and the ESP is not responding. Peugeot admit the part should have lasted longer and will only pay half of the cost of repair. My car is the 307cc 2004 model, one of the first off the production line. Cost of repair £1250.00. The car cost new £18000.00 and has done 44000 miles, and has been serviced every year.

Buy something different!!!

28th Aug 2007, 12:58

I bought my Peugeot 307cc on March 1st 2004 at a total cost of £20,000 approx, as had extras on it. It has proved to be little more than a piece of scrap metal and has cost me more than a thousand quid in repairs since March this year - and is still only 3.5 years old! So much has gone wrong with it that it is like a comedy of errors. From the moment I got it things were all breaking and stopping working, from the window seals coming unstuck to the boot mechanism not working, to the electric windows etc, etc, but GATEWAY MOTORS at CREWE fixed everything under the warranty until just before it ran out. When I took it in for a pre-MOT and they said all the brakes needed renewing or it wouldn't pass the MOT and that my warranty wouldn't cover brakes as this was 'general wear and tear'! When I pointed out the car had not even done 16,000 miles, they said that was the problem - I didn't drive it enough, so the brakes had rusted up! Anyway, in total for that plus the service and MOT it was approx. Now, the power steering pump has gone and is going to cost £600 plus VAT to renew! My advice to anyone thinking of buying a Peugeot is DON'T DO IT! My previous car was a Honda and I'd had it 17 years from new and it never once needed anything done to it. In fact, all the AA men who have to keep coming to my rescue in my rubbish PEUGEOT 307CC have all got HONDAS. If only I'd known that before I threw away £20k on a Peugeot!

29th Oct 2008, 07:19

Just bought a 307cc - very pleased so far. Get back to you in 10 years time.

Re passenger carrying -

1. Took it for a test drive, 4 adults, 2 of whom are 6ft 4in, one driving. Wouldn't want to go far though.

2. Since drove 60 miles + with 3 adults, all over average height. No problem.