9th Jun 2005, 01:42

Clutch, Broken Flywheel.

Again as the comment above I own exact same spec car on a '02 plate. Flywheel has also disintegrated at 37000 miles. Must surely be a case of Peugoet having to recall these cars soon? Can any add to this post if they know this to be the case already.

20th Jun 2005, 14:51

Our 2002 Peugeot has just returned from a service having had the suspension fixed which should not in the garage's opinion occur in such a young car! The clutch wore out after just a year of driving - under 20000 miles and the dealer refused to accept responsibility saying that we had caused it through improper driving and wear and tear!! So far the car has cost us over £1000 to fix. We shall NEVER be buying a Peugeot again.

13th Jul 2005, 06:01

I have a 307 HDI 110 and recently have had to the clutch flywheel replaced because the bearings have worn on it. It has only done 9000 miles.

9th Aug 2005, 03:39

I have also had the flywheel break up on a 02, 307 hdi 110 d-turbo. At 38000miles. I complained to the dealer about a slipping noise, but was told that the clutch etc was fine. Then one day it wouldn't go into gear. Its been two weeks now and nobody knows who is going to pay for it! It's a disgrace! About from that and quite a few electrical problems it's a great car.

19th Oct 2005, 05:31

My 307 HDI 110 (51 plate, 49,000 miles) has just had its flywheel reduced to a bag of small bits and is now being mended. Have they fixed the problem with these flywheels yet or am I paying £1000 for another duff one to be put it?

21st Feb 2006, 06:05

Thanks for all the helpful comments. We have just 'nearly' purchased this exact car, picking up on Saturday from main Peugeot dealer. We told them the problem with the clutch and flywheel, and they have agreed to fit a new one before we pick it up. We are also going to have a thorough 'vehicle check' at a cost of £199 as a result of these comments! Don't usually do this, but the 'used car trade' is a bit of a Russian Roulette game these days, even from a garage.

It seems it is a really good car apart from the clutch problem, so this has really helped.

7th Oct 2006, 02:31

I just want to note that the flywheel disintegrated on our 110 hp Peugeot 307 as well. I did a Google search on "flywheel peugeot 307" and ended up on this site. There seems to be a lot of people who experience this problem.

27th Oct 2006, 09:05

Peugeot 307SW 110HDi - on a 53 plate.

Loss of power - turbo

Noisy flywheel - £???

Air bag fault - comm2000 - £178 + vat

Turbo leaking oil - £419 + vat.

Cost me £80 for a diagnostic check to let me know I'd bought a piece of cr@p.

I would not have another Peugeot again - cannot wait to get rid of it.

25th Nov 2006, 11:44

I own a 307hdi 2002 plate. I have had nothing, but problems with it since I bought it 6 months ago. firstly the fly wheel went and I was TOLD

that it was a few months out of warranty. only done 34000 miles.

19th Jan 2007, 10:10

My Peugeot 307 HDI 110 is a 52 plate. The clutch went at 2,000 miles and again at 6,000 miles when Peugeot paid for a replacement clutch and flywheel. The clutch and flywheel recently failed (12/06) at 41,000 miles and I have had to pay £1,063 for their replacement. Peugeot refuse to pay anything. They say that it is out of its 3 year warranty and though they may consider a contribution to cost between 3- 4 years they will not consider anything after 4 years.

30th Jan 2007, 12:10

Anyone had problems with a 407 HDI clutch? Mine has gone at 21,000, Peugeot say 1,000 outside warranty so won't do nothing about it which is a pity because its costing me £1284 to fix!! The car is only 16 months old Peugeot using the old wear and tear routine.

I think we should gather as many cases as possible and get back to them en mass... by the way customer service claim they don't know of any clutch related problem on any model... pity they don't read this site eh?...oh and they wouldn't divulge any details as to how many Peugeots they have had in with clutch failure under 30k!!...oh and they can't actually fix the car at present as they've ran out of replacement clutches and have to order more from France!!! I wonder why??

7th Sep 2007, 11:01

I have just have the flywheel go on my car after I brought it 2 months from the main dealer (an 2004 with 32k).

After a stressiful week they will pay for the flywheel and suggest I pay for a new clutch while they are doing it!

It that right or are they trying to get some money back?

8th Sep 2007, 10:56

I have a 05 plate 3076 HDI, it was acting very strange then the clutch pedal seemed to disappear, then came the strange build up or resistance when I press the clutch. Then there was the squealing noise every time I press the clutch pedal down. The dealer has it at the moment, but say they don't know exactly what is wrong with it until they strip it down, which will cost me a minimum of £200 if it is not covered by warranty, which they believe there is a 70% chance it won't be. They also reckon it will cost around 550 to fix, of which I will have to pay!! There is less than 40,000 miles on the clock and have only had it a year and a half!!

15th Sep 2007, 06:05

Our 03 307SW has just been diagnosed with "flywheel" problems. Main dealer told us it would cost £1000 to repair the flywheel, but a better bet would be to get a new car! Local independent garage said repairs would be between £600 - £800. Glad to have read other owners comments. I will never buy another Peugeot!

18th Sep 2007, 10:31

I own a 2002 HDI 110 with 48,000 miles on the clock. We are the second owners and have had it since 27,000 miles. We have always serviced it at Peugeot main dealer.

The car has been squeaking for a while now and today took it in for its service and was told the flywheel needs replacing at a cost of over £1000.

Having read all the comments on here I have sent an email to Peugeot UK asking them to help pay for the cost of the repair, what happens we will see...

About 6 months ago some turbo sensor broke which ended up costing me £600.

We have had numerous problems with the cars electrics, sometimes a fault appears on the display every now and then and the car bleeps randomly.

I will NEVER ever buy another Peugeot again, the main dealers are useless (apart from robbing you of your hard earned cash).


6th Dec 2007, 13:12

The problem with clutch disintegration is common to all makes with dual mass flywheels. I own a Citoen C5 with a 2.0 liter Hdi engine and, you have gassed it; clutch problems.

As stated in another posting, we all have to contact a watchdog to get this issue sorted out.