8th Dec 2007, 18:16

Dual mass flywheels are just one of the things we have to thank for the recent improvements in diesel refinement.

Sadly, like most of the other recent developments in diesel engines, they are failure prone, and generate big bills. Modern diesels are impressive to drive, but you need your head examining to own one, particularly out of warranty.

26th Dec 2007, 09:49

Re; Clutch failure on peugeot 407 diesel.

I have come across a 2005 Peugeot 407 diesel which has had numerous clutch failures and has only 42,000 km recorded.

Peugeot Ireland have been made aware of this.

16th Jan 2008, 05:51

Re: Flywheel disintegration causing clutch/engine sensor to fail

I have a Peugeot 307 110 HDi 2004

The flywheel went after 37000 miles 4 months out of warranty.

The clutch suddenly failed having been difficult to engage gears and died on me, luckily not on a motorway!!

Had it towed to my local independent garage as out of warranty, who diagnosed the fault.

Spoke to Peugeot customer services who verbally inferred that if it was the flywheel they may be able to help, but would not commit themselves and insisted I get it to Peugeot dealer.

Trouble is I had already got it on the ramp in another garage and would have to pay them plus have it re-diagnosed.

A no win situation when you need transport.

In the end I had the repairs carried out at £1300.00 at the independent garage! Have written to both Peugeot and Marshalls Peugeot Cambridge for compensation, but with no joy, surprisingly!

Very unhappy judging by the number of complaints and will not be buying another one!!

26th Mar 2008, 14:33

Have just taken my 307 HDI 110 in to my local dealer as the passenger door has locked itself and refuses to open, and was told the flywheel is on the way out too. Car is 3 1/2 years old, 38,000 miles.

Has anybody had any success in invoking the 4/5 year warranty mentioned above in respect of flywheel problems, or alternatively any success with Watchdog?

31st May 2008, 03:02

Dear all!

Unbelievable what you've been posting over here so far! I was thinking about buying Peugeot 407 HDI, but now I don't feel like doing it at all. Not to mention I was planning to buy a second-hand car. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I wish you better luck with your cars now and in the future...

Akos from Hungary.

31st May 2008, 03:34

Hello, me again :-)!

I've just read in a Hungarian forum, that Peugeot admitted the failure of the flywheel (yielded under the pressure of the customers) and thus the flywheel of the cars under 150.000 km and younger than 5 years old will be replaced for free. (This is valid for 2,0 HDi 110 and1,6 HDi 110). Hmmm, I may change my mind and decide for 407? :-)


Akos from Hungary.

7th Jul 2008, 18:46

Driving instructor from 15/5/08...please advise where you got your bits from. I can't find them at that price. Thanks.

13th Jul 2008, 15:50

Hi everyone, just bought a Peugeot 307 1.6 rapier. getting scared by reading all these message as I only bought the car 3 days ago and already have problem with my clutch, it makes a noise when the clutch goes down and the noise stops when its up. don't know hw much its gonna cost me now, as I have to star looking out for price.

They look good, don't they!

24th Jul 2008, 16:17

Howdy... Driving Instructor here that had the "Flywheel" problem with the 110... Parts were obtained from G. S F in Plymouth... I gave the Ex dealer mechanic £140 to fit em. I'm well pleased... apart from the fact that it failed in the first place!

3rd Nov 2008, 14:57

Hi, My car (307 estate) went on fire in the car park in March 2008. It was still under manufacturers warranty. Insurance engineer state the site of the fire was the wiring however Peugeot want me to prove it was the wiring and refuse to do anything until this 'proof' arrives. Has anyone any ideas? Thanks,

25th Jan 2010, 15:55

Had the car since 2002, covered 80000 miles. I have encountered the following faults.

Bad clutch, faulty indicator stalk, continual failure of one rear brake light, squeaking underneath, sudden power loss when cornering, trim continually coming away, faulty door seals, door locks stiffening, door lock trim falling off.

Faulty displays, and have had two manufacturer recalls.

Faulty airbag electrics and failing electrical displays.

Seat cover split after abut 2 years.

I would not recommend this car to anyone; no wonder they brought out the 308 so soon.

1st Nov 2010, 18:08

Same problem here - flywheel failure. :(

Peugeot is not a good car.

29th Nov 2010, 05:00

My daughter drives a Peugeot 307 1.6. She bought it secondhand. After five days, the linkage to the gears broke. It was fixed under the extended warranty.

She has had it for 20 months now. It has 99 000 km on the clock. During this 20 months, the airbag starting showing "airbag fault". She has just started working, her salary is still small, so we left the problem unattended.

When summer came, she noticed that the aircon only blows out hot air. Still not enough money to fix it, she went on driving with the windows open.

Yesterday, the clutch pedal started vibrating, and the car made horrible noise like metal on metal, and could only get 3rd gear.

This morning it was towed to Peugeot, and after stumbling across your website, I shudder to think what this is going to cost. The rest of our family drive Hondas, and have never had any problems.

Thank you for a very informative website.

15th Dec 2010, 06:20

Just an update on my comment from 29 November 2010. The thrustbearing was worn out, but was it necessary to replace the clutch plate and flywheel too?

R10 000 SA Rand later, the car was going again, but a day later was leaking oil. We took it back and they replaced some or another seal.

Right thereafter the heat gauge packs up. Not their fault, they say.

We got the following quote for other problems the car has: Replace airbag controller box-R3000, brake pads-R2500.

Maybe we'll be getting a horse soon...

4th Mar 2011, 04:57

My Wife's Peugeot 307 110 52 plate lost drive last weekend. The RAC recovery man said it was the clutch. Got a quote from the local garage of £400, but now we were told it is the flywheel that has gone, and will cost another £800. Think Peugeot should be doing something about this problem after reading all the comments on this site. Totally gutted, as who nowadays has this kind of spare cash to fork out on your car.

15th Jun 2011, 13:51

Newquay Driving Instructor... Again..

51 plate 110.

Further to my post of 15/5/08, I thought that I should tell you all how the replacement "Dual Mass" flywheel is doing...

It's out of the car again and sitting peacefully in the corner of my garage.. Yup, it failed again! It was fitted in May 08 at 70.000 miles... the car has now done 107.000 miles.

I have read the horror stories about many of you with the same problem... it's not just Peugeot.. many makes suffer the same problem, and just as often. Today I was driving around in the car feeling happy in that the dual mass can't die on me again... because I fitted the replacement solid flywheel. I almost didn't because some dork told me that I would feel a huge difference in how smooth the engine would be afterwards... I can tell you all right now that the car runs great.. no difference at all.. The replacement solid flywheel and clutch plate with "proper" springs in it was far cheaper too... the whole conversion kit cost me £326.00.

Hopefully this will be the last of the problem, that as far as I am concerned has ruined a decent, gutsy and comfortable car.. time will tell.. any further problems, I will let you know...

GC Newquay.