11th Sep 2006, 06:03

I own a 2002 model Peugeot 307XSE and have some concerns about the build quality and reliability of the car. Firstly, within a few months the starter motor was replaced under warranty. Sonn after, the boot lock froze and had to be replaced, also under warranty. The doors kept rattling and the dealership replaced some of the locks, saying that the original locks had a manufactruing fault and were fractionally too small!. The indicator keeps over correcting and this was also replaced under warranty. The indicator is now faulty again and although the car is out of warranty (it is now over 4 years) the dealership has offered to replace it free of charge.

The latest problem is that the horn stops working intermittently and the dealership has advised that it is a known problem. In other words, another defect.

The front brakes (rotors and disc) tend to wear fairly quickly, but I understand that this is common with most new cars. My car had new brakes at 37,0000 Cost AUD560.

The car has done 38000 kms so it is still relatively new.

The car is quite nice to drive, but the 2 litre engine lacks torque and requires constant gear changes.

Hope these comments help.

24th Jul 2007, 23:13

It's not at all common for the brake discs to warp on any European cars that early.

Contrary to Japanese cars which go for a Hard disc/soft pad compound, European cars have soft discs and hard pads, as this enhances the cars stopping ability, the upshot being that discs need to be replaced more frequently in Euros (Though they're reasonably cheap, BMW discs cost less than those for a Honda Accord, for example).

5th Nov 2007, 23:45

Many European pads tend to be soft AND abrasive. That is why they leave pad AND rotor dust on the wheels. Try "Valeo" brand pads in your 307.