19th Dec 2005, 17:38

Prior to my 307, I had an Audi A3, and prior to that, a 306 meridian, which I was also very happy with, hence the decision to go for the 307.

Never mind, as today I took delivery of a new Golf SE, so the 307 is no longer of any concern to me, so beware if you see a 307 XSi, in grey, in the Birmingham area with 17500 miles for sale... you never know!

2nd Jan 2006, 15:17

I have the same motor as you 307 SW XSi HDi 136 and my turbo went at 11,000 miles. Car feels a lot slower on boost now than before the turbo change.

8th Jan 2006, 11:26

Having now put 2000 miles under the wheels of the Golf, which at "only" 105HP, is somewhat less than the 136 HP of the Pug, I am even more convinced that there was a serious problem with the whole engine package on that particular 307.

This Golf is faster on pickup, quieter, smoother and returns over 50mpg already. The engine feels gruntier in all respects.

Glad I was able to make the change, shame, cos the Pug was a car that I really was looking forward to for sometime.

9th Jan 2006, 17:05

Citroen and Peugeot needs a big sort out. My Citroen C3 1.6i 16v Exclusive Sensodrive is running well so far, but my brothers C3 1.4i SX Auto was a nightmare from week 1.

23rd Jan 2006, 18:28

Peugeot 307 XSI - Electrical Problems.

I bought my XSI last August, I thought it was a good buy at the time, 3.5 years old, 24000 miles on the clock and ran beautifully when I took it for it's test drive.

The first problem I had was after a supermarket shop. I got back into the car and started the engine - it started fine. Then it stalled in neutral. I repeated this again and again for a few minutes with the same happening. Eventually the car started fine and stayed running. The next morning I was needing to drive from the north of Scotland to Birmingham. I started the engine and it sounded weak. On the MFD the message "Catalytic Converter Fault" appeared. I phoned a Pug dealer who said it would be OK for a short journey providing the performance was OK. Later the MFD message changed to "Antipollution Fault". I haven't had this checked by a dealer yet, so am a little anxious to see how much I am looking at to get this repaired.

Along with that problem, I am now suffering a fault with the boot. It started as an intermittent problem where the boot wouldn't open, but now it won't open at all. Also I'm having problems with the left-hand side headlight where bulbs keep blowing, but am hoping this is just a earthing problem which should hopefully be an easy fix.

All in all, I regret not researching problems like this before buying the car, as it appears that these electrical problems are common in all 307 models.

It's no wonder the 307 came 158th out of 159 cars in the Top Gear car survey of 2005.

6th Feb 2006, 14:15

Peugeot 307 XSI.

Nothing but trouble since the day after it was bought. (Brand new 53 Reg).

First problem was that the odometer did not record the correct mileage. The anomaly was severe - sometimes a 50 mile trip would record 150 miles. We complained for seven months before the problem was acknowledged. By this time thousands of cars were apparently affected by the recall. This problem featured on the BBC TV Watchdog programme.

Point being that there are thousands of Peugeot 307's around that may not have the correct mileage indicated on the display. You cannot trust the indicated mileage to be correct. In our instance, and probably many others, the discrepancy is thousands of miles.

Numerous other problems, some still ongoing after 2.5 years.

Throttle sticks open - car accelerates when you really want to slow down (not an ideal safety feature).

"Antipollution fault" regularly appears.

Car can stick at 1100 rpm, cannot accelerate beyond this (another far from ideal safety feature).

Beware if buying one of these cars. Our 307 on a normal day drives very well, but if you were to buy it the problems would soon become apparent.

8th Mar 2006, 03:18

Is there a website that keeps statistics on this information. I read some time ago the following statistics: Problem cars (duds) European 21/1000; American 19/1000 and Japanese 12/1000. It would be great to see a breakdown per make and model. This is very useful when it is hard for a prospective buyer to decide between two models.

18th Apr 2008, 16:28

307 was such a nice car on display, I loved this car, but this did not last long. I was in and out of the dealer garages. first, this car failed to pick up speed, jerking and stopping at roundabouts, this was diagnosed as sensor failure, this was replaced, after a few weeks antipollution fault was on display. I paid my usual visits to dealer who said the car needed downloading and that was the beginning of problems. I love my car but the regular visits to dealer is consuming my time.

13th Feb 2010, 04:14

We have had nothing but problems with our 2005 Peugeot 307. First issue was the passenger airbag fault showing intermittently. Then the windscreen washer pump burned out. After that a sensor in the engine stopped working and the car cut out on the highway and we needed it towed. The seat warmer in the driver's side failed in the first week. These faults occurred in the first month out of the dealer.

Afterwards we had to change the front wheel bearings and disks. The steering control arm wore out and caused a knocking sound every time we turned right. We have had to replace headlight bulbs monthly as when one blows, the increase in voltage to all the others causes them to blow shortly afterwards. We have had the anti-pollution fault light and catalytic converter light showing intermittently and also the low oil warning light. The nylon bushings in the drivers side passenger door fell out, so now the door grinds when you shut it. The rear windscreen wiper broke at the spindle and wiper union, so now it hangs uselessly from the spindle.

I had an old Peugeot 305 model and it was a great car. This car was expected to perform as well, but so far has been a complete and utter failure. I will NEVER buy another Peugeot, and will steer anyone I know and even those I don't from making the mistake I did. This car cost twice that of a Hyundai, and its quality is several times lower. Considering I have babied this car, I cannot believe this hunk of crap passed quality control and was legally released. Some of these faults I would consider to be dangerous (lights blowing, engine cutting out and airbag failing). Save your money and buy a VW instead.

26th Aug 2010, 14:35

All I have read are bad reviews.

Has anyone got any praise for the 307 (before I buy one)?