1992 Peugeot 405 Mi 16 1.9 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


This is not a city car, it likes a winding, open road


Gearbox crunchy, synchromesh slow.

Power steering seems to take a while to warm up.

Catalytic converter burned out.

Radiator cap replaced.

Harmonic balance replaced 130,000km plus timing chain.

General Comments:

I bought this car on the net from Melbourne and drove it immediately to Brisbane, 1850 km, over two days. It did not miss a beat.

I decided to buy it rather than a BMW 318is, which is also 1900cc, but slower and dearer. The Peugeot handles brilliantly, has 30mpg consumption, but a heavy and slow gearbox. Some models came with timber trim, but this one has the glass sunroof, leather, 5 speed box with a very tall first gear and all electrics.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2005

1992 Peugeot 405 SRi 1.9 Injection from UK and Ireland


SRi? Something really intersting!!


Brakes grinding.

Door locks and mechanisms replaced on both sides.

General Comments:

I find the Pug 405 a really nice car to drive. It's the first Pug I've owned.

I installed a Sony CD and head set up, where I found the wiring more than odd. Thankfully the Haynes manual for the 405 gave me a great hand.

The seats are fantastically comfy and I find the cabin layout OK, but not ideal.

The SRi model has just the right amount of goodies I like, ABS, PAS, Electric windows and 6 speaker setup.

The get up and go on this car has certainly not got up and gone. For a car over ten, it can still kick some!!!

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Review Date: 13th June, 2004

1992 Peugeot 405 GR 1.9 carburateur from Spain


A very good car for a reasonable price


I have never had important problems with this car.

The motor must be heated a bit before starting to run by cold weather.

General Comments:

The car was owned by my father, and I started to drive it two years ago (when I got my driving license).

In the eleven years we've got it, it has never had any important problem, only things like a spark plug wire who has dropped down, or the carburettor calibration.

Good for the city, and better for highway, it's a car that wants to run and run, and no problem to put the speedometer in horizontal position (about 160 km/h).

The mall is very big: we used this car to travel in holidays with the baggages of the five passengers, and we've never run out of space.

For the overall balance, I'm very happy when driving this car, and I don't plan to change it until it burns.

For the maintenance, we only respect the manufacturer prescriptions, and they're not very expensive.

Maybe a little expensive in gasoline, because of the carburettor, but not too much.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2003

1992 Peugeot 405 Style 1.6 petrol, carb from UK and Ireland


Comfortable, spacious and reliable


Slight oil leak after 3k - spring clip loose, £0.50 to replace.

Dashboard/heater control lights failed - tricky to replace.

Suspension can be very noisy on bumps, new bushes required.

General Comments:

This was my first car and I learned to drive in it, so it's had a pretty tough time during the year I've owned it.

I have the very basic Style model, which is seriously lacking in features. The lack of power steering is particularly annoying.

The engine copes with the weight of the car, not being very fast from standstill, but making up for it when it comes to cruising - take it out on some winding country roads and it will not leave them! Takes corners and roundabouts well at speed, brakes work well when needed...

While the Style may only have a heater, seat and an engine, the ride and handling are great. Comfortable on long journeys, good acceleration for overtaking the corsas/metros and the odd - rather surprised - BMW.

Early models squeak and rattle, engine can be prone to over running on switch-off.

Great car overall, very solid and reliable. Slight annoyances, but nothing major gone wrong with it.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

14th Oct 2002, 07:16

Good to see you are enjoying it. If you think it is good, just go get yourself a 1.9 SRi, at only insurance group 8 or 9 it is a gem!

17th Oct 2002, 14:53

Just to update...

I have just seen my beloved car crushed and dumped on a scrap heap. Due to part-exchange for a 1995 2.0 GTX in two days, the engine blew this morning.

It had 2 litres of oil a few days a go, and has somehow used it all since then. 1.5 minutes of nasty rattles and then the engine gave up, making very, very bad noises after it was given some oil. Apparently 'the big end's gone' which in my language means it's knackered.

Very frustrating, as I knew it needed an overhaul, and was getting the new car to avoid an expensive (and not really cost-effective) major service. I was only going to get £450 part-ex, so not too bad I suppose...

So in summary, if you've got a phase one (87-early 92) which has done 100K+ and been driven hard (think mine was prob. a taxi), get the engine checked out and expect to pay for an overhaul if you want more from it.