1992 Peugeot 405 SRi 1.9 from Australia and New Zealand


A fantastic driving car that breaks down a lot


HEAPS! I panick every time I take it to get serviced.

Major (cost wise) things were:

Broken manifold.

Leaking radiator (under warranty).

Faulty electric windows.

Ignition module.

Leaking gearbox input.

General Comments:

This car gives sheer driving pleasure, it has fantastic ride and handling (it sticks to the road like glue), but it constantly seems to fall apart. Other 405 owners I know all have had similar problems (but sport similar grins when driving). Be warned!

8/10 for performance because I would prefer more power, but the SRi is one of the lower spec versions.

Seat comfort is terrific, 9 hour drives are a breeze for both front and back passengers. Roomy interior.

Anyone looking to begin the move towards purchasing a driver's car should definitely consider this as a first step, just keep some cash aside for the repairs.

If possible, grab the Mi16, possibly one of the cheapest pre 1995 performance sedans around.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2000

18th Mar 2001, 17:50

You are REALLY putting me off owning the car! We have a 1.8 GL and the gearbox just died... now I have a feeling this isn't the end of our fun!

Otherwise the car is amazing for what it is - a family car that performs like a supermini.

1992 Peugeot 405 GTDT 1.7 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Never again!


Constantly lost water (blown gasket?).

Throttle cable needed replacing (35 uk pounds DIY).

Rear axle needed major overhaul (warranty).

Heater motor packed in (loose connection).

Air con never worked despite spending over 300 uk pounds at dealers.

General Comments:

The above does not include about 150 uk pounds spent on replacing cam belt (service item at dealers) - so I figure I spent more on this car in maintenance than ALL my other cars put together to date (no joke). It was a financial black hole!

The interior was small for its size. The ride on was very harsh - unbearable on rough roads. The performance was very good when the turbo kicked in (kicked is the word!).

DIY was a nightmare - even an oil change was hard work.

I only kept the car 6 months, it HAD to go!

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Review Date: 9th July, 2000

20th Feb 2001, 13:52

We just acquired a 1992 405 GTD Turbo and the ride is comfortable, it is spacious and if serviced regularly, it should be OK for 200,000 miles.

6th Dec 2001, 17:54

I agree with the last statement... the car is comfortable, spacious and will last a long time.

27th May 2002, 09:44

I have had 5 Peugeot's and all have been reliable. Fuel consumption on my 1992 1800 405 TD estate is excellent with between 60-70 miles per gallon if taken steady and over 45 miles to the gallon if hammered. This car as now completed 154,000 miles with just a few minor problems through out it's life. A clutch replacement was done at 134,000 mile this was still the original and good for another 20,000 miles if the thrust bearing hadn't seized - try and get a Ford to do that!! Rear brake linings are still original and going strong. I don't think that you could ask more from a car than this.

1992 Peugeot 405 Mi16 1.9 16 valve from North America


Quick and nimble, but a labor of love


Replaced exhaust, replaced ventilation computer (apparently a very common defect), replaced part of seat track (a very cheaply made plastic part that couldn't have cost more than 50 cents necessitated a $400 labor bill!), rear brake calipers seized and were replaced, dashboard shakes up and down over irregular pavement.

General Comments:

Probably the low point in Peugeot design and build quality. This thing rattles like a bucket of bolts and you never know what will break next. My 505 was much better made and certainly the new generation models (e.g. 406) are noticeably better made. That said, it has the best mix of comfort and performance I've experienced. Once the engine hits 4000 rpm, watch out. Peugeot's are extremely rare in the US. I love smoking people, especially on secondary roads, and watching them scratch their heads as they wonder what just passed them. I do hope Peugeot comes back to the US market someday!

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Review Date: 5th July, 2000