23rd Feb 2004, 08:59

Further comment: It seems that I must have bought a lemon! I have to say again that the ride on rough roads was intolerable and the best I got was around 35 mpg! Thanks for your comments, good lick to you all.

26th Nov 2005, 13:00

I have owned a 405 1800cc turbo diesel for the last four years, I can honestly say it is the best car I have ever had.

Big, comfortable, fast, economical, and reliable, what more could you need.

Have recently bought a 307 to replace the above, but find I can't bear to part with it.

17th Feb 2006, 12:41

My friend here in India has been using his '91 405GRD Turbo (1.7D XUD7T) for the past three years and he has not had a single problem to date. He regularly goes on long drives and is very happy. There are a few rattles... so what? All old cars rattle. I am myself considering the purchase of a '94 405GLD, though these were never made in India (all available ones are imports from the embassies and high commissions). I used to own a 91' 309GLD, which never gave me problems as well...

25th Feb 2009, 17:49

My 405 GTDT 1900cc estate 1990 (coming up to 200k) has been a real money hole over 12 years compared to other cars I have had.

Comfort is great and fuel consumption average - 40mpg.

I have repaired and fixed a lot of faults myself to save money, but on average cost about £300 UK pounds per year on parts and labour.

I am loathed to get rid of it as I keep telling myself nothing else can go wrong with it.

Things so far replaced/repaired = radiator, full front end suspension, radio, alternator & starter motor (after split charge relay took them out), wing mirror after some kind person broke it.

Central locking, electric windows, radio, clock, heating regulation, heated mirrors, cam seal, wheel bearings, CV boots, various oil pipes, and water pipes, seat belts, welding and general wear and tear of tyres, exhaust, brakes and glow plugs etc.

Apart from that, a good work horse and fairly spacious. Oh, and the same clutch over 100k miles and 2 cam belts to be on the safe side.

From the mad person who bought this car in the 1st place, but still drives it.

23rd Apr 2012, 12:44

I am been driving a 1993 405 GLD estate non turbo since 2007. It has done 170k and gives me 43 MPG, including about 50% stop start town driving. On a run I get over 50 MPG.

I can get 1/2 a tonne of building materials or manure in it with ease. I have had a 3 seater sofa in the back, and 10 sheets of Celotex on the roof.

I have changed discs, pads, starter, ball joints, CV gaiters, handbrake cables, blower controls and fan, cambelt, water pump, track rod ends, P bushes etc etc.

The power steering cooler pipe rusted through, so I cut it and rejoined the ends with a hose.

The central locking and electric sunroof packed up, and the glove box is held shut with the bolt from a garden shed.

It starts every day, I can do all the work myself, and parts are cheap as long as you look on Ebay, or can still find one in the breakers yard. Best £500 I ever spent!