3rd Sep 2002, 12:38

I own a Peugeot 2.0 MI16, which suffers from erratic performance, I have changed the usual stuff like coils, plugs, fuel pump and filter...

Management light comes on regularly which shows code 44 knock sensor fault, even when new knock sensor fitted. Peugeot main dealer can't find the problem anybody got any ideas???

17th Sep 2002, 07:54

I currently own a 1993 Pug 405 Mi16 (2.0) which has suffered from electrical faults now and then, but it's rev happy sweet engine and precise handling make up for that. Image wise they are like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Most folk will be lucky to catch glimpse of more than 1 Mi16 in a lifetime, and most will never see a T16. Can a cossie do over 120k on the same head gasket or even engine? - On a twisty fast country road Mi's will tame any Fast Ford or Vauxhall! Fords gruel, Pugs rule! and for more fun, stick a Mi16 in a 205, and revel in pug heaven. Peugeot Sport Club, Yorkshire, UK.

10th Oct 2002, 14:29

I own a pug 205 1.6 GTi. I have had one or two troubles with the car (Head gasket blowing 2 weeks prior to traveling half way through France!!).bearing in mind it had done 150000 miles on the original!!, the rear suspension arms bearings collapsing (common problem!) nothing else major to report. On the subject of Fords, the body's on them are a bit like a teabag and just as weak. as for Peugeots apparently falling apart I have not had any problems even though we have 7 Peugeots in the family.

20th Oct 2002, 15:59

Look people, I just want to say that I am in love with Pugs.

I'm from Croatia and my mum drives a 405 1.9 with 110 hp. The car just rules. We have it for six years now and we never had any mechanical problems with it, except the time I slammed into a tree when doing about 75 mph on a country road...

In a few years I'd like to buy a Mi16 or a T16,or maybe a 205 GTi...

---All I have to say is PUGS RULE!!!

3rd Nov 2002, 16:06

The 405 T16 is an awesome car...

It can't be compared to the Cosworth simply because it's a totally different drive...

If you see one for sale it's a MUST BUY car..

21st May 2003, 15:56

I have the 405t16, is the best, here in argentina,its like 5 405t16.

1st Nov 2006, 07:38

Dear Mi16 owners, I am From Beirut, Lebanon. I own 205 Mi16 with some modifications. I can easily beat BMW and modern cars.

It is very fast engine, you got special feelings when your behind the steering wheel.

I think 175 BHP for 850kg 205 will fly.

22nd Nov 2006, 07:36

No pug could ever out run a cosworth. In fact a 205 1.9 won't even keep up with a 1.6 Fiesta RS.

22nd Nov 2006, 12:17

The fiesta RS turbo is exactly that, a turbo!! most turbo charged cars could outrun naturally aspirated cars...can its replacement (rs 1800 fiesta) outrun a 1.9 gti??? NO..can it outrun a mi16???NO..get the picture???

1st Feb 2007, 09:36

Hello, I'm a owner of a 405 MI16 1990, with 215.000 Kim's, straight exhaust pipe (only the final muffler), high performance air filter (inside original box) and owners book maintenance always done, and it is with me for about 4 years.

Last owner left the timing belt broke and 8 exhaust valve had to be replaced. Since that reparation the engine/or similar parts never had problems again.

On the electrical issue, like mostly cars have problems with age, only replaced the ignition intensifier and some electrical cleaner spray on the wiring. I have the Pug file since the first day.

The confortable seats and enough space are one of the best thing that I appoint on this Pug for me. The engine is from 1986 design and is completely aluminium with about 130 kilos. The brakes are very good enough for a 16 years old car, and still can keep for sure with many modern cars, like many very good cars I've never suspected that were so weak compared to the 405 MI16, even with its 1110 kilos weight.

About not so good things about the 405 MI16 is the engine breath loud noise even in low speeds, and I can't recall anything more, besides being an automobile like many with its own minor issues.

6th Feb 2007, 06:06

Well wats the crac.

15th Nov 2007, 15:41

I own a 205 mi16 1.9 few mods my santa pod time is 14.7 I will eat any rs unless its 250 brake plus, but even then weight to power brings it to about the same plus ever time I turn the key it stars unlike my old rs turbo problems.

16th Nov 2007, 04:35

A standard MI 16 engine produces 160 bhp, you won't beat a 250 bhp RS turbo, they will do a better 1/4 mile than 14.7.

14th Jan 2009, 20:16


I'm the proud owner of a 94' MI16 166,000 km, everything is still working, incredible car, runs like a dream, and never had any problems eating Ford's, I would buy the Peugeot.

Thomas from Denmark.

18th Mar 2009, 09:50

I own a 205 GTi/mi16 with twin webber 45 carbs, totally track ready, weighs no more than a pack of crisps LOL.

I did a 1/4 run in 14.2, but who cares about that. It really shines out on a track or an A road. A Ford RST would not see which way it had gone LOL.

13th Mar 2010, 20:38

Interesting comments here.

For the Peugeot vs Ford argument, I quite like Ford too, and suspect most Ford fans slagging Pugs here don't know what a T16 (or MI16 Turbo if you wish) is. Maybe this helps settling it: I have a British car magazine test of a 405 T16. Don't know the mag, but the test driver and writer was well known Hugh Bishop. His verdict was - quote: "The 405 T16 beats the the Cosworth in every single aspect" So here we go.

As for mine, some comments here as stick a turbo to a Peugeot and the body panels would disintegrate I find interesting. Can any T16 or 405 or new Peugeot owner confirm this?

Well, I am the owner of this car, having written this very review over 6 years ago:


See, I still have it. It was reliable most of the time. But I would alter my notes for it by now, especially dealer gets 0/10.

In the past 2 years I have now suddenly had horrible reliability problems with my 405 T16. Partly it is because Peugeot dealers don't seem to know what it is. And twice I got my car returned from dealers now with the dealers damaging it even more! Once they kept the car for several weeks and returned it with a cracked windscreen, and insisted it didn't happen with them.

The other, even more annoying is, that my T16 lately seems to break down every 3 weeks or so, and none of this is T16 related, but normal Peugeot everyday road car stuff that I feel shouldn't happen.

On 3 doors the central locking failed, door lock failed, replaced it and new door lock failed again, a new temp sensor failed, new rear light cluster keeps filling with water, now I have water in the rear foot well too, new rear brake discs are cracked...

What is going on at Peugeot? All of a sudden, you see none of my problems is T16 specific, but simple and often new parts that let me down! How is this possible. Does anyone have any comments on these general quality issues? Is it bad luck or normal that these days even uncomplicated and brand new Peugeot parts have a life expectancy of max 2 years?

Because right now, my car is stranded yet again, this time power steering pump, and I am torn between giving this car a good (expensive) overhaul, or selling it and turning my back to Peugeot completely?!

4th Aug 2010, 17:25

Hi all.

Would just like to add that I'm a proud owner of a 405 mi16x4, although I'm having to spend my money on getting it running, as the only reason I got it was due to the fact that it was set alight in the engine bay by some little arsonist.

Have purchased all the necessary wiring, but have decided to save the engine for a special turbo project, and to the mine I shall add a 406 SRi turbo engine, Superchipped ECU, 205 GTi inlet manifold and TB Turbo Technics turbo manifold, and a ported t25 Saab Turbo, which will have its blades trimmed to relieve the back pressure a little.

Oh, not forgetting that it will be fully stripped out inside Group N style.

The engine was dyno'd at 185 with the chip, and I'm hoping with the other mods I should be hitting about 200bhp with plenty of torque.

Yes, I know the trannys aren't up to much, so I've invested in a second set of reconditioned parts. Ain't sure how long the build will take, as I lost my job, so cash is really tight.