16th Nov 2003, 05:54

I bought a 1994 Peugeot 405SRdT in 1998, with 95000kms. From the beginning it leaked a little bit of oil. I got used to the little stain on my driveway soon enough, but it was embarrassing when visiting other places. The dealer never managed to fix this problem.

After a period of slow driving, the turbo would produce a ridiculous amount of black smoke, causing cars behind me to turn on their fog lights. After emptying the turbo however, the car was incredible in power and torque. Great to drive, very comfortable, reasonably fuel economic, excellent for pulling a trailer.

Maintenance by the dealer was expensive, but once I had come to the point of taking out my own toolbox, I saved lots of money. Repairs/maintenance quoted by the dealer at about 750 pound, eventually cost me 250 in spares.

The biggest disappointment was reselling the car. I bought it from an official Peugeot dealer and sold it back to them 2 1/2 years later for a quarter of the price. But I guess it would have been better if I had bought back a next Peugeot. Unfortunately I did not need a car anymore, but otherwise I would not have sold this one already. I enjoyed every moment driving it.

6th Jun 2007, 04:33

I have difficulty to believe the first review. I am driving a 405 diesel again!

The car performs just perfectly. So far I had to change only the spare parts (resulting from wear and tear).

The story with the rattling is an "old story" with Peugeot... but you bought a Peugeot - do not expect to have a Porsche standard. You did not pay the same price either for the car, did you? Please be realistic :-)

Why do not you mention the running costs, fuel consumption on my 1991 (1905 405 GRD) is excellent with 60 miles per gallon! Compare it to the new VW Touran with a very modern engine and common rail diesel etc... cannot beat the Peugeot in fuel consumption (45-50 miles per gallon). Questions?

9th Sep 2009, 15:05

I have owned a few of these, and now they are getting harder to find parts may start to become a problem!

I'm running a 405 diesel estate! I bought it because it had a tow bar and worked out cheaper than having 1 fitted to my new car!!!

At under £200 MOT'd for a year I was well happy! a few things didn't work, ie alarm went crazy (new ecu at £10) back eleccy window didn't work (due to lack of use now fine!) air con dead! (2nd hand condenser and a regas £45), and new rear wheel rubber mounts! (£40 the pair) CD changer was chucked in boot! re connected and all worked!?!

So for approx £300 I got a useful workhorse, a looker it ain't, but she starts 1st time on the coldest of mornings and give bloody good mpg for her age, comparing to that of some new cars today!!

And with it having a Bosch fuel pump on it, all the green hippies are after them to burn their green fuels... ie chip fat!!! Yummy!!!

It's done 242,000 miles!!! That's nearly 1/4 a million. If that was me I'd be in the knackers yard by now LOL.

Only real bad thing is its looks are now dated, as it's only now used to tow my caravan and carrying loads I don't care, least I know some chav won't take a fancy to it!!!

Yes Peugeot do have problems with spooks in their electrics, making them do daft things, but looks like I have been lucky!

All in, for what I spent I am genuinely surprised.