1991 Peugeot 405 GRDT 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Peugeot's brief was to design the perfect family car, so why are they miles off this target?


There was a suspicious smell inside right from the start. We first thought it was the dealer's interior perfume, but due to there dishonesty, we eventually realized the smell was in-fact the odor of a dog!

On a regular and typically expensive service, the dealer "forgot" to reconnect the turbo - and this was a Peugeot Main Dealer! This occurred only a few days before we went trekking across France in it, so luckily "we" discovered the problem before it was too late.

The rear electric window decided to stop working. Fortunately, the window was closed at the time.

The clutch snapped without warning at 66,000 miles.

It was a pain trying to close the boot. It took several forceful attempts before it locked.

The parcel shelf rattled constantly. It drove us mad!

General Comments:

This was the biggest financial mistake of our lives.

We just could not trust this car. The electrics were reluctant to work - especially the electric windows and central locking.

It was capable on the road, practical and very economical, but Peugeot missed out on a vital aspect of owning a car - reliability. If Nissan and Toyota can do it, why can't Peugeot?

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Review Date: 4th September, 2002

6th Sep 2002, 16:05

Cannot believe this review as mine has performed perfectly and I have had no problems at all apart from wear and tear i.e. tyres and brake pads.

Have enjoyed every minute with this car.

My previous cars where a mazda and a hyundi this one beats them all.

21st Sep 2002, 10:52

Nope I can understand the car costing money. I had one which ended up costing me over £1200 in three months despite regular care and maintenance. Put me in some financial pressure as I was still a student at the time.

1991 Peugeot 405 SRi 1.9 Injection from UK and Ireland


When it goes, it's great - when it doesn't, it's expensive!


Starter motor died soon after getting the car.

Alternator recently blew both bearings and voltage regulator.

Valve Stem Oil Seals require replacement.

Engine bottom end has developed a bad knock (ref mark D6D)

Rear trailing arm bearings seized - new axle sourced and installed.

Brakes totally changed, new pads, discs, master cylinder, brake compensator and still a spongy-ish pedal - new ABS compensator on the list as no ABS light is visible on the dashboard (bulb does work though)

General Comments:

Nice car, quick in a straight line and nice to sit in now I've put Mi16 leather trim in it. Funny as it confuses the Peugeot parts people as they see the leather, then the 8v engine!

Has developed a nasty habit to oversteer and understeer - wet roundabouts are 'interesting' to drive around, the back end kicks out pretty much every time, tracking and camber will have to be seen to!

Not hard to get a decent sound out of the car too, in the way of In Car Entertainment. A decent head unit works wonders - replacement speakers are easy to come by and a huge boot makes for some great bass!

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2002

1991 Peugeot 405 SRD 1.7 turbo diesel from France


Well designed and very badly built


Speedo cable defective at delivery. Dealer replaced cable, but forgot to re-connect instrument panel lights!

Persistent squeaks, never solved by dealer, from dash (driver's side), rear shelf. Rattle in passenger's door.

Everything {or nearly) that could leak did so - sun roof, cooling system, rear side window, brake servo, gearbox, engine oil.

Turbo pressue trunking split - while overtaking a bus!!!

General Comments:

Well designed, roomy, practical, good performance, handling and economy, but the build quality was dreadful.

Towed a 700 kilogramme caravan very well.

Quiet, which enabled me to appreciate all the rattles and squeaks better.

It never actually failed me, but I quickly lost confidence in it

My first and last Peugeot

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Review Date: 29th May, 2002

26th Jan 2007, 15:43

Krassimir Vladikov Bulgaria

Well designed by Pinifirina in 1987.

1991 Peugeot 405 mi16 1.9 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


The MI16 is an under estimated, high quality, very rewarding vehicle


The exhaust gasket from the manifold to the first pipe was replaced.

Auto-diagnostic light appeared indicating a simple fuel fault. Computer was reset.

Power steering judders and noisy on stationary steering wheel turns.

Stop light appears relating to the engine not reaching running temp, but the engine is at running temp so the problem is at the sender switch.

The anti brake lock system does not appear to work correctly.

Dash board squeaks and rattles.

Small bore cooling system hose punctured.

Revs are slow to return to idle speed.

General Comments:

If this car is owned and driven by an enthusiast they will love every second of its aesthetics and it's drive.

The car's performance from standing is average, but once moving, its power band provides sensational performance.

To compliment its engine performance, the car handles with pin-point accuracy.

Seats and upholstery are high quality and their design has obviously been given good consideration.

The car has a large and useful boot space with an opening through the rear seat for skis etc.

An extremely compact engine compartment can often increase service labour costs.

The dash board an internal fittings are thin plastics and become squeaky and rattle as the vehicle ages.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2002